Application: Stochastic modelling in the life science: From evolution to medicine

Deadline for application is October 31, 2021 (CET). Please make sure letters of recommendation are sent before this date to application-stochastic(at)

If a group of junior scientists wants to apply, then every member is asked to complete the application form below. Please do not forget to insert the group name and the names of the members in the field >>Scientific Group<<. The Letter of Intent should contain a project description of the group and may be identical for all members.

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The University of Bonn and HIM are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We aim to increase the proportion of women in areas where women are underrepresented and to facilitate their careers. We therefore strongly encourage women with relevant qualifications to apply.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cut-off for junior faculty?

There is no strict boundary. The Junior Trimester Program is primarily addressed to PhD students, postdocs and young assistant professors. Applicants are expected to have completed their PhD thesis at most 7 years ago.* In addition, senior scientists can be invited later as short-term guests for at most 3-4 weeks.

How many recommendation letters are expected?

One recommendation letter is mandatory. Two recommendation letters increase your chance for being accepted.

If you have more question concerning the application, please contact Stefan Hartmann (stefan.hartmann(at)

*Childcare periods for female researchers are credited with a flat rate of two years per child extending the deadline, while male researchers are credited with a flat rate of one year per child. This applies regardless of the parental leave actually taken. With appropriate evidence of childcare periods that exceed one year, male researchers can also extend the deadline by up to two years per child. The maximum extension of the application deadline due to childcare is limited to six years for researchers. For the calculation of the deadline extension, children are taken into account who have not yet reached the age of 12 at the start of the deadline and who live permanently in the same household with the applicant.

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