The Institute offers:

  • an attractive building with optimal working conditions
  • quiet, relaxed, home atmosphere devoted to individual / collaborative work
  • individual offices, group offices
  • a parent-child office
  • 20 inch monitors at all desks
  • technical support on site
  • 86 inch smart boards in all offices and discussion rooms
  • blackboards (many multi-panel) in discussion and lecture rooms, even in the garden
  • tea with cake at 4 p.m.
  • bicycle pool for long-term guests
  • laundry facilities in the Institute (work while you wash)
  • central location with easy access to restaurants and shops
  • close vicinity to Mathematics Center and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
HIM, view towards the building
Front and rear view of the institute
HIM, office
Office with smart board
HIM, lecture room
Lecture room
HIM, garden view
HIM, parent-child office
Parent-child room