Additional FAQs: for long-term guests

How can I submit a preprint?

HIM actively encourages you and your collaborators to provide preprints that have evolved during, or from, the work done during your stays at HIM. Please put your preprint on the arXiv and inform Stefan Hartmann via, who will add your article to the preprint list of the relevant Trimester Program on the HIM website.


What kind of health insurance do I need?

See What should I know before traveling?


What do I do after I arrive in Bonn?

(Applies only to HIM Trimester Program guests)

You will have received your office number, the access code to the HIM buildings etc. prior to your arrival in Bonn. You may just go to the assigned office (please observe the access limitations due to the alarm system) and get accustomed with the HIM facilities, the documents on your desk and meet with other guest researchers.

See Locations


I arrive in Bonn late evening, on the weekend or on a bank holiday. What should I do?

(Applies only to HIM Trimester Program guests who have reserved an HIM apartment)

If you arrive on the weekend, on a public holiday or after office hours: contact apartments(at) to obtain apartment keys and other pertinent information.


How do I find furnished accommodations in Bonn?

See Accommodations


I have been offered compensation. How do I receive payment?

(Applies only to HIM Trimester Program participants)

You will receive the corresponding documents via HIM finances in due time. These must be signed, filled and returnd to initiate the payment process.

Please note: payments are initiated by HIM, but executed by the Bonn University Administration.


Do I need a residence permit in Bonn?

Local law requires that guests who take up residence in an apartment for a longer period must register their Bonn address with the municipal authorities after moving in. Guests who lodge in hotels or pensions are not required to register (unless they stay 2 months or more). The logical consequence: you must de-register prior to your departure!
HIM programs coordination may help you complete the paper work. Getting your papers stamped at the Town Hall will not take long, but you must do it in person and you need an appointment. Take your passport or ID with you, together with the appointment reference number.

The Town Hall address :

Department ”Einwohnermeldeamt”
Berliner Platz 2
53111 Bonn


How do I extend my visa after my arrival?

Please be aware that only certain types of visa may be extended!

To extend your visa, you must apply before your original visa expires, otherwise you will have ”illegal” status in Germany!

HIM Programs Coordination may assist you in arranging for an appointment at the Bonn Immigration Office, whose special staff cater to foreign researchers and speak English. Attention: If your spouse or children accompany you, be prepared to provide a copy of your marriage license and the birth certificate(s) of your children.


Will HIM provide me with a workplace / office space?

(Applies only to HIM Trimester Program guests)

Yes, you can assume that HIM will provide a workplace for your approved and confirmed dates. Programs coordination allocates offices/desks in the Institute or in the annex, depending on the length and dates of your visit. You have no claim to a workplace beyond your confirmed dates, nor can a workplace be placed at your disposal beyond the end of the Trimester Program.


Can I visit math events at the Max-Planck-Institute and Bonn University?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit events that interest you.
Events at the Math Faculty
Events at the MPIM


Where are the library facilities?

The HIM does not maintain its own library. From your computer you have free access to MathSciNet and Zentralblatt. Many journals are available electronically (though not Elsevier, which is too expensive).
However, the departmental library at the Mathematics Institute at Endenicher Allee 60, ground floor, maintains an excellent library that you are welcome to use. Librarians phone: 2209.

The main University Library or Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (ULB) is located close to the Main University Building near the Hofgarten at Adenaueralle 39-41, 53113 Bonn, phone: 73-7525. They offer an English language tour and orientation.

The University branch Library for Medicine, Natural Science and Agriculture (Abteilungsbibliothek für Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Landbau) is located at Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 4, 53115 Bonn, (phone: 73-3405). They offer books and periodicals on medicine, natural science, agriculture, mathematics and computer sciences.

The library in the Max-Planck-Institute, Vivatsgasse 7 is also available to you.

Libraries on a map


Can I take German lessons?

The Welcome Center of the University of Bonn offers German classes at different language levels. Courses are open to foreign PhD students, guest researchers and spouses of guest researchers at the University of Bonn. Or try this German for Beginners online course.


What sports facilities are available?

If you are a jogger, you can take advantage of the Rhine promenade and run along the Rhine, crossing 1-3 bridges for varying differences. Fitness studios are numerous and vary in cost. The Bonn University offers a large selection of sport activities at discounted prices. To obtain information and buy temporary membership, contact Hochschulsportbüro: Römerstr. 164, 53117 Bonn, phone: 0228-73 4185, email: hochschulsport(at)


Does HIM offer child care?

HIM does not maintain its own child-care facility or personnel, but we can assist in finding local providers. Please see the pages for Child Care and contact programs-coordination(at) for assistance.


Is there a large international community in Bonn?

International Club of the University of Bonn
International Event Preview