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How high is the budget for a trimester program? 

The overall budget for the Trimester Program is 330.000 €, 90.000 € of which is reserved for junior researchers in particular. All participant costs and all costs for additional activities such as workshops must come from the budget. HIM usually pays a monthly fellowship to long-term guests, from which they pay all expenses, i.e. travel, housing, meals, and so on. As a basic principle, HIM does not pay travel subsidies to senior scientists. For short-term guests we provide single accommodation.

What do the organizers have to do after the program is accepted and before the program starts?

  • Invitation to experts
    The organizers should contact experts in due time, clarify with them on the possible dates of their visits. The official invitations will be sent out by the Director of HIM as soon as the organizers have provided a list of experts including all email addresses and these people have registered to the program.
  • Website/Poster
    In consultation with the organizers, HIM designs a website and a poster. The organizers have to propose a text and provide an image. The titles/topics and dates of the planned workshops should be mentioned on the website and the poster, so that prospective participants can time their dates of stay accordingly. Some experts who have already confirmed their participation should be mentioned on the website. HIM has an international distribution list containing approx. 1000 institutions. The costs for the production and distribution of the poster will be paid by HIM separately and not deducted from the total Trimester Program budget.  
  • Invitation to participants
    HIM puts an online application form on the website of the Trimester Program. After the deadline for applications has expired, the organizers can examine the applications (including letters of intent, CVs, lists of publications, and recommendation letters) online. The organizers will design a list of guests who obtain an invitation. Depending on the remaining budget and office space, it will also be possible to send out additional invitations during the program.
  • Organization of a School
    The organizers contact possible lecturers in due time and determine a week of this event in accordance with HIM. They may nominate up to 4 key speakers, which have to be present for a minimum of 3 days and hold a minimum of 3 talks. Other (non-key) speakers can be invited as the organizers deem relevant. In consultation with the organizers, HIM will design a poster for the School. In addition to the guests, participating in the trimester program during the time of the school, up to 25 participants (out of a pool of applications, submitted via a corresponding platform) may be invited. Given the limitation of available seats in the lecture hall, up to 60 overall guests (school & program) may be at HIM at the time of a school.
  • Organization of workshops
    When the organizers have decided to organize a workshop, they determine a week of this event in accordance with HIM. The organizers agree on and submit a list of up to max. 20 particpants/speakers, in addition to the guests, participating in the trimester program during the time of the workshop. HIM administration sends out invitations several months before the event starts. Given the limitation of available seats in the lecture hall, up to 60 overall guests (workshop & program) may be at HIM at the time of a workshop. In general, HIM does not reimburse travel costs of workshop speakers and participants (not even for PhD students or postdocs).
  • Public Talk
    HIM is very interested in outreach activities. Therefore, part of each trimester program is a public talk: in the HIM's lecture hall, a participant of the trimester program holds a public mathematical lecture, which in a broader sense has to do with their research or the topic of the trimester program. The lectures are also aimed at mathematical laypersons.
  • Small activities
    Additional small activities like a seminar series can be initiated spontaneously during the Trimester Program, but longer term planning is appreciated and encouraged.

What if long-term participants or organizers need to leave Bonn on business (conference, collaboration)?
Absences are possible, though not encouraged. It is important that the number of days of absence is in reasonable relation to the entire stay at HIM, and that the trip is for business. The rule is that the Director has to be informed in advance if a long-term guest intends to leave Bonn for two or more working days within a week. Absences of short-term guests (stays < 1 month) are not encouraged.

How much office space is available?
There are 30 work desks at the Institute. There are about 15 more work desks in Poppelsdorfer Allee 82 available for HIM. In this building, also the HIM administration is located. Participants of workshops do not get offices.

Where do the lectures and talks take place?
The HIM Lecture Hall accommodates up to 55 persons. Standard equipment includes chairs (w/o desks or tables), beamer with screen and connected PC (presentations on a USB stick), 2-part chalk board (vertical extension), a view board, a sound system, and air conditioning. Video recording is possible.  A video streaming from the main Lecture Hall at HIM to a second lecture room may be installed. In this second lecture room, up to another 15 persons can follow the talks.

How can organizers and participants find information or contact persons for questions about housing, family support, computer support, visa problems, health insurance, travel to Bonn, entertainment and culture in Bonn, language courses and so on?
Please see here.