Trimester Seminar

Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45 (or in the garden)

every Tuesday:

13:30 - 15:00 Karen Vogtmann: Seminar for students only

Wednesday, September 16

15:00 Hjorth: Descriptive set theory and equivalence relations

Thursday, September 17

9:00 Przytycki: Introduction to complexes of groups

Friday, September 18

10:00 Rigidite: Etats Generaux

Tuesday, September 22

 9:00 Przytycki: A Counterexample to Atiyah’s Conjecture (after Tim Austin) 

15:00 Asger Törnquist: Borel reducibility

Wednesday, September 23

15:00 Tobias Hartnick: Cohomology of Lie groups

Thursday, September 24

9:00 Clara Löh: Simplicial Volume

15:00 Irene Peng: What is coarse differentiation

Tuesday, September 29

15:00 Wolfgang Steimle: Rigidity and algebraic K-theory (concerning the Borel conjecture)

Wednesday, September 30

10:00 Presentation and discussion of open problems related to rigidity

Wednesday, October 7

15:00 Jose Manuel Higes: Large scale dimensions for beginners

Thursday, October 8

10:00 Wolfgang Lück: An introduction to topological rigidity

15:00 Jim Davis: Introduction to the Novikov Conjecture

Friday, October 9

10:00 Michael Joachim: An introduction to the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture

Monday, October 19

15:00 George Willis: Superrigidity with general locally compact targets

Wednesday, October 21

15:00 Diarmuid Crowley: On the classification of embeddings of smooth 4-manifolds in 7-space

Thursday, October 22

15:00 Qayum Khan: Rigidity of connected sums of certain 4-manifolds

Tuesday, October 27

15:00 Adam Mole: An Introduction to Relatively Hyperbolic Groups

Wednesday, December 2

10:00 Kim Inkang: Rigidity vs flexibility in symmetric spaces

Wednesday, December 9

10:00 Ian Hambleton: Coarse geometry and P. A. Smith theory

Further talks were given by Caprace (Kac-Moody groups), Fabig (Assembly maps), Hartnick (Bounded cohomology), Bader (Ergodic actions), Weinberger (Topological Rigidity), Sauer (Measure equivalence), Chatterjee (Algebraic Groups), Ruping (CAT(0) properties of diagram groups), Epstein (Orbit equivalence), Hjorth (Descriptive Set Theory), and Przytycki (Complexes of groups).