Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2009c01 Bartels, Arthur; Lück, Wolfgang Geodesic flow for CAT(0)-groups 1003.4630 MR2967054
2009c02 Bartels, Arthur; Lück, Wolfgang; Weinberger, Shmuel On hyperbolic groups with spheres as boundary 0911.3725 MR2772544
2009c03 Bestvina, Mladen; Bromberg, Kenneth; Fujiwara, Koji Constructing group actions on quasi-trees and applications to mapping class groups 1006.1939 MR3415065
2009c04 Bonk, Mario; Merenkov, Sergei Quasisymmetric rigidity of square Sierpiński carpets 1102.3224 MR3010807
2009c05 Bridson, Martin R.; Vogtmann, Karen Abelian covers of graphs and maps between outer automorphism groups of free groups 1007.2598 MR2944024
2009c06 Burger, Marc; Iozzi, Alessandra; Wienhard, Anna Higher Teichmüller spaces: from SL(2,ℝ) to other Lie groups 1004.2894 MR3289711
2009c07 Burger, Marc; Ozawa, Narutaka; Thom, Andreas On Ulam stability 1010.0565 MR3038548
2009c08 Caprace, Pierre-Emmanuel; Przytycki, Piotr Twist-rigid Coxeter groups 0911.0354 MR2740646
2009c09 Cluckers, Raf; Cornulier, Yves; Louvet, Nicolas; Tessera, Romain; Valette, Alain The Howe-Moore property for real and p-adic groups 1003.1484 MR2854688
2009c10 Davis, James F.; Lück, Wolfgang The topological K-theory of certain crystallographic groups 1004.2660 MR3054301
2009c11 Ghosh, Anish; Gorodnik, Alexander; Nevo, Amos Diophantine approximation and automorphic spectrum 1007.0593 MR3123673
2009c12 Hensel, Sebastian; Przytycki, Piotr The ending lamination space of the five-punctured sphere is the Nöbeling curve 0910.3554 MR2819692
2009c13 Higes, Jose; Peng, Irine Assouad-Nagata dimension of connected Lie groups 0910.4569 MR3010160
2009c14 Kyed, David A cohomological description of property (T) for quantum groups 1003.5181 MR2813479
2009c15 Linnell, Peter; Lück, Wolfgang; Sauer, Roman The limit of Fp-Betti numbers of a tower of finite covers with amenable fundamental groups 1003.0434 MR2736326
2009c16 Crowley, Diarmuid; Löh, Clara Functorial seminorms on singular homology and (in)flexible manifolds 1103.4139 MR3361142
2009c17 Ozawa, Narutaka Quasi-homomorphism rigidity with non-commutative targets 0911.3975 MR2806106
2009c18 Pichot, Mikaël; Schick, Thomas; Zuk, Andrzej Closed manifolds with transcendental L2-Betti numbers 1005.1147 MR3404029
2009c19 Przytycki, Piotr; Schultens, Jennifer Contractibility of the Kakimizu complex and symmetric Seifert surfaces 1004.4168 MR2869183
2009c20 Sasyk, Roman; Törnquist, Asger Turbulence and Araki-Woods factors 0912.1496 MR2674113
2009c21 Crowley, Diarmuid; Macko, Tibor The additivity of the ρ-invariant and periodicity in topological surgery 1002.1917 MR2826928
2009c22 Wegner, Christian The K-theoretic Farrell-Jones conjecture for CAT(0)-groups 1012.3349 MR2869063
2009c23 Davis, James F.; Quinn, Frank; Reich, Holger Algebraic K-theory over the infinite dihedral group: a controlled topology approach 1002.3702 MR2832565
2009c24 Merenkov, Sergei; Wildrick, Kevin Quasisymmetric Koebe uniformization 1109.3441 MR3090140
2009c25 Caprace, Pierre-Emmanuel; Przytycki, Piotr Bipolar Coxeter groups 1002.3991 MR2805179
2009c26 Bridson, Martin R.; Grunewald, Fritz; Vogtmann, Karen Actions of arithmetic groups on homology spheres and acyclic homology manifolds 1207.3069 MR3150210
2009c27 Bartels, Arthur; Lück, Wolfgang; Reich, Holger; Rüping, Henrik K- and L-theory of group rings over GLn(Z) 1204.2418 MR3210177
2009c28 Connolly, Frank; Davis, James F.; Khan, Qayum Topological rigidity and H1-negative involutions on tori 1102.2660 MR3228461