Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2007b01 Aizenbud, Avraham; Gourevitch, Dmitry Multiplicity one theorem for (GLn+1(R),GLn(R)) 0707.2363 MR2529937
2007b02 Aizenbud, Avraham; Gourevitch, Dmitry; Sayag, Eitan (GL(n+1,F),GL(n,F)) is a Gelfand pair for any local field F 0709.1273 MR2474319
2007b03 Alekseev, Anton; Torossian, Charles On triviality of the Kashiwara-Vergne problem for quadratic Lie algebras 0802.4300 MR2561029
2007b04 Baklouti, Ali; Kédim, Imed; Yoshino, Taro On the deformation space of Clifford-Klein forms of Heisenberg groups pdf MR2441852
2007b05 Baklouti, Ali; Kédim, Imed On non-abelian discontinuous subgroups acting on exponential solvable homogeneous spaces pdf MR2609023
2007b06 Chinta, Gautam; Jorgenson, Jay; Karlsson, Anders Zeta functions, heat kernels and spectral asymptotics on degenerating families of discrete tori 0806.2014 MR2666579
2007b07 Deitmar, Anton Harmonic analysis over adelic spaces 0708.0322  
2007b08 Deitmar, Anton Higher order invariants in the case of compact quotients 1003.1844 MR2753884
2007b09 Faraut, Jacques Asymptotics of spherical functions for large rank: an introduction pdf MR2885074
2007b10 Ion, Bogdan Generalized exponents of small representations. I 0904.2483 MR2540703
2007b11 Jorgenson, J.; Kramer, J. A relation involving Rankin-Selberg L-functions of cusp forms and Maass forms pdf MR2885066
2007b12 Kaneyuki, Soji On the linearity of causal automorphism of symmetric cones pdf MR3077286
2007b13 Kobayashi, Toshiyuki; Mano, Gen The Schrodinger model for the minimal representation of the indefinite orthogonal group O(p,q) 0712.1769 MR2858535
2007b14 Opdam, Eric; Solleveld, Maarten Homological algebra for affine Hecke algebras 0708.1372 MR2493620
2007b15 Slupinski, Marcus; Stanton, Robert J. The special symplectic structure of binary cubics 0906.4309 MR2885072
2007b16 Weissman, Martin H. Metaplectic tori over local fields 0802.4086 MR2485462
2007b17 Aizenbud, Avraham; Gourevitch, Dmitry; Rallis, Stephen; Schiffmann, Gérard Multiplicity one theorems 0709.4215 MR2680495
2007b18 Bertram, Wolfgang; Didry, Manon Symmetric bundles and representations of Lie triple systems 0710.1543 MR2602990
2007b19 Bertram, Wolfgang Is there a Jordan geometry underlying quantum physics? 0801.3069 MR2475762
2007b20 Clerc, Jean-Louis; Kobayashi, Toshiyuki; Ørsted, Bent; Pevzner, Michael Generalized Bernstein-Reznikov integrals 0906.2874 MR2753827
2007b21 Clerc, Jean-Louis; Ørsted, Bent Conformally invariant trilinear forms on the sphere 1001.2851 MR2961841
2007b22 Geatti, Laura; Iannuzzi, Andrea Univalence of equivariant Riemann domains over the complexifications of rank-one Riemannian symmetric spaces math/0612169 MR2442995
2007b23 Howe, Roger; Lee, Soo Teck Spherical harmonics on Grassmannians - MR2600534
2007b24 Ion, Bogdan Generalized exponents of small representations. II 0904.2487 MR2801176
2007b25 Kaneyuki, Soji Automorphism groups of causal Makarevich spaces - MR2917697
2007b26 Nishiyama, Kyo Resolution of null fiber and conormal bundles on the Lagrangian Grassmannian math/0701764 MR2576290
2007b27 Ciubotaru, Dan; Nishiyama, Kyo; Trapa, Peter E. Regular orbits of symmetric subgroups on partial flag varieties 0903.1039 MR2885068
2007b28 Offen, Omer; Sayag, Eitan Uniqueness and disjointness of Klyachko models 0711.2884 MR2414223
2007b29 Pevzner, Michael Covariant quantization: spectral analysis versus deformation theory - MR2465566
2007b30 Gourevitch, Dmitry; Sahi, Siddhartha; Sayag, Eitan Invariant functionals on Speh representations 1405.2713 MR3416438