Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2011a01 Cerulli Irelli, Giovanni Positivity in skew-symmetric cluster algebras of finite type 1102.3050  
2011a02 Chari, Vyjayanthi; Loktev, Sergey An application of global Weyl modules of sln+1[t] to invariant theory 1104.4048 MR2853639
2011a03 Feigin, Evgeny; Finkelberg, Michael Degenerate flag varieties of type A: Frobenius splitting and BW theorem 1103.1491 MR3101796
2011a04 Fourier, Ghislain; Khandai, Tanusree; Kus, Deniz; Savage, Alistair Local Weyl modules for equivariant map algebras with free abelian group actions 1103.5766 MR2859894
2011a05 Gaussent, Stéphane; Littelmann, Peter One-skeleton galleries, the path model, and a generalization of Macdonald's formula for Hall-Littlewood polynomials 1004.0066 MR2942707
2011a06 Kleshchev, Alexander S.; Mathas, Andrew; Ram, Arun Universal graded Specht modules for cyclotomic Hecke algebras 1102.3519 MR3004104
2011a07 Lanini, Martina Kazhdan-Lusztig combinatorics in the moment graph setting 1103.2282 MR2966832
2011a08 Neher, Erhard; Savage, Alistair Extensions and block decompositions for finite-dimensional representations of equivariant map algebras 1103.4367 MR3317800
2011a09 Reineke, Markus Degenerate cohomological Hall algebra and quantized Donaldson-Thomas invariants for m-loop quivers 1102.3978 MR2889742
2011a10 Reineke, Markus; Weist, Thorsten Refined GW/Kronecker correspondence 1103.5283 MR3004575
2011a11 Ringel, Claus Michael Cluster-additive functions on stable translation quivers 1105.1529 MR2969073
2011a12 Schilling, Anne; Tingley, Peter Demazure crystals, Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals, and the energy function 1104.2359 MR2923717
2011a13 Achar, Pramod N.; Stroppel, Catharina Completions of Grothendieck groups 1105.2715 MR3033967
2011a14 Angeleri Hügel, Lidia; Koenig, Steffen; Liu, Qunhua; Yang, Dong Stratifying derived module categories pdf MR2855491
2011a15 Angeleri Hügel, Lidia; Koenig, Steffen; Liu, Qunhua Jordan-Hölder theorems for derived module categories of piecewise hereditary algebras 1104.3418 MR2862193
2011a16 Brundan, Jonathan; Stroppel, Catharina Gradings on walled Brauer algebras and Khovanov's arc algebra 1107.0999 MR2955190
2011a17 Cerulli Irelli, Giovanni; Feigin, Evgeny; Reineke, Markus Quiver Grassmannians and degenerate flag varieties 1106.2399 MR2950163
2011a18 Feigin, Evgeny; Finkelberg, Michael; Littelmann, Peter Symplectic degenerate flag varieties 1106.1399 MR3270783
2011a19 Hiss, Gerhard; König, Steffen; Naehrig, Natalie On the socle of an endomorphism algebra pdf MR2890502
2011a20 Iyengar, Srikanth B.; Krause, Henning The Bousfield lattice of a triangulated category and stratification 1105.1799 MR3030697
2011a21 Kang, Seok-Jin; Kashiwara, Masaki; Tsuchioka, Shunsuke Quiver Hecke superalgebras 1107.1039 MR3456757
2011a22 Liu, Qunhua; Yang, Dong Blocks of group algebras are derived simple 1104.0500 MR2995145
2011a23 Neeb, Karl-Hermann Semibounded representations of Hermitian Lie groups 1104.2234 MR2987649
2011a24 Cerulli Irelli, Giovanni; Labardini-Fragoso, Daniel Quivers with potentials associated to triangulated surfaces, Part III: tagged triangulations and cluster monomials 1108.1774 MR2999307
2011a25 De Concini, Corrado; Maffei, Andrea A generalized Steinberg section and branching rules for quantum groups at roots of 1 1107.0248 MR3024819
2011a26 Geiss, Christoff; Leclerc, Bernard; Schröer, Jan Cluster structures on quantum coordinate rings 1104.0531 MR3090232
2011a27 Speyer, David; Thomas, Hugh Acyclic cluster algebras revisited 1203.0277 MR3183889
2011a28 Dupont, Grégoire; Thomas, Hugh Atomic bases in cluster algebras of types A and à 1106.3758 MR3108832
2011a29 Chen, Hongxing; Xi, Changchang Stratifications of derived categories from tilting modules over tame hereditary algebras 1107.0444  
2011a30 Fourier, Ghislain; Manning, Nathan; Senesi, Prasad Global Weyl modules for the twisted loop algebra 1110.2752 MR3055822
2011a31 Hilgert, Joachim; Kobayashi, Toshiyuki; Möllers, Jan Minimal representations via Bessel operators 1106.3621 MR3201818
2011a32 Brion, Michel Invariant Hilbert schemes 1102.0198 MR3184162
2011a33 Brion, Michel Homogeneous bundles over abelian varieties 1101.2771 MR2933488
2011a34 Brion, Michel Homogeneous projective bundles over abelian varieties 1104.0818 MR3194649
2011a35 Lenart, Cristian; Schilling, Anne Crystal energy functions via the charge in types A and C 1107.4169 MR3010167
2011a36 Bump, Dan; Salisbury, Ben; Schilling, Anne Lie methods and related combinatorics in Sage link  
2011a37 Brav, Christopher; Thomas, Hugh Thin monodromy in Sp(4) 1210.0523 MR3187621
2011a38 Chari, Vyjayanthi; Fourier, Ghislain; Sagaki, Daisuke Posets, tensor products and Schur positivity 1210.6184 MR3248990
2011a39 Bennett, Matthew; Chari, Vyjayanthi; Manning, Nathan BGG reciprocity for current algebras 1106.0347 MR2935389
2011a40 Chlouveraki, Maria; Gordon, Iain; Griffeth, Stephen Cell modules and canonical basic sets for Hecke algebras from Cherednik algebras 1104.4070 MR2905554
2011a41 Geiss, Christof; Leclerc, Bernard; Schröer, Jan Factorial cluster algebras 1110.1199 MR3064982
2011a42 Wenzl, Hans On centralizer algebras for spin representations 1107.4183 MR2954516
2011a43 Fomin, Sergey; Pylyavskyy, Pavlo Tensor diagrams and cluster algebras 1210.1888 MR3534844
2011a44 Gordon, Iain G.; Losev, Ivan On category O for cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebras 1109.2315 MR3210960