Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2022a01 Cao, Mingming; Hidalgo-Palencia, Pablo; Martell, José María; Carleson measure estimates, corona decompositions, and perturbation of elliptic operators without connectivity 2202.06363  
2022a02 Chang, Alan; Dąbrowski, Damian; Orponen, Tuomas; Villa, Michele Structure of sets with nearly maximal Favard length 2203.01279  
2022a03 Tuomas Orponen Additive properties of fractal sets on the parabola 2205.02770  
2022a04 Orponen, Tuomas; Shmerkin, Pablo On exceptional sets of radial projections 2205.13890  
2022a05 David Beltran, Joris Roos, Andreas Seeger Endpoint sparse domination for classes of multiplier transformations 2212.12437  
2022a06 Mihalis Mourgoglou, Bruno Poggi, Xavier Tolsa Solvability of the Poisson-Dirichlet problem with interior data in Lp′-Carleson spaces and its applications to the Lp-regularity problem 2207.10554