Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2012a01 Korff, Christian Quantum cohomology via vicious and osculating walkers 1204.4109 MR3210233
2012a02 Gorbounov, V.; Rimányi, R.; Tarasov, V.; Varchenko, A. Quantum cohomology of the cotangent bundle of a flag variety as a Yangian Bethe algebra 1204.5138 MR3118573
2012a03 Rimányi, R.; Tarasov, V.; Varchenko, A. Cohomology classes of conormal bundles of Schubert varieties and Yangian weight functions 1204.4961 MR3229982
2012a04 Mironov, Andrey Self-adjoint commuting differential operators and commutative subalgebras of the Weyl algebra 1107.3356  
2012a05 Mironov, Andrey Commuting higher rank ordinary differential operators 1204.2092 MR3469138
2012a06 Mkrtchyan, Ruben L.; Veselov, Alexander P. Universality in Chern-Simons theory 1203.0766 MR3006906
2012a07 Izosimov, Anton Stability of relative equilibria of multidimensional rigid body 1203.3985 MR3215841
2012a08 Bolsinov, Alexey; Izosimov, Anton Singularities of bi-Hamiltonian systems 1203.3419 MR3238523
2012a09 Izosimov, Anton A note on relative equilibria of a free multidimensional rigid body 1202.4082 MR2959202
2012a10 Alexandrov, Alexander; Kazakov, Vladimir; Leurent, Sebastien; Tsuboi, Zengo; Zabrodin, Anton Classical tau-function for quantum spin chains 1112.3310 MR3102207
2012a11 Marshakov, Andrei Lie groups, cluster variables and integrable systems 1207.1869 MR3027553
2012a12 Gordon, Iain G.; Martino, Maurizio Monodromy of partial KZ functors for rational Cherednik algebras pdf MR3077683
2012a13 Varchenko, Alexander; Wright, Daniel Critical points of master functions and integrable hierarchies 1207.2274 MR3239138
2012a14 Taormina, Anne; Wendland, Katrin The overarching finite symmetry group of Kummer surfaces in the Mathieu group M24 1107.3834 MR3106313
2012a15 Heller, Sebastian A spectral curve approach to Lawson symmetric CMC surfaces of genus 2 1209.3200 MR3273639
2012a16 Izosimov, Anton Stability in bihamiltonian systems and multidimensional rigid body   MR2992523
2012a17 Kato, Hironao Castling transformations of projective structures 1301.1063 MR3185217
2012a18 Alexandrov, Alexander From Hurwitz numbers to Kontsevich-Witten tau-function: a connection by Virasoro operators 1111.5349 MR3147660
2012a19 Schöbel, Konrad; Veselov, Alexander P. Separation coordinates, moduli spaces and Stasheff polytopes 1307.6132 MR3339177
2012a20 Mulase, Motohico; Sułkowski, Piotr Spectral curves and the Schrödinger equations for the Eynard-Orantin recursion 1210.3006 MR3487649
2012a21 Bohle, Christoph; Taimanov, Iskander A. Spectral curves for Cauchy-Riemann operators on elliptic curves with punctured points 1212.5147 MR3185127
2012a22 Bohle, Christoph; Taimanov, Iskander A. Euclidean minimal tori with planar ends and elliptic solitons 1212.5138 MR3384462
2012a23 Feigin, Misha V.; Hallnäs, Martin A.; Veselov, Alexander P. Baker-Akhiezer functions and generalised Macdonald-Mehta integrals 1210.5270 MR3098918
2012a24 Mazzocco, Marta Confluences of the Painlevé equations, Cherednik algebras and q-Askey scheme 1307.6140 MR3544800