Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2021b01 Oliveira e Silva, D.; Mandel, R. The Tomas-Stein Inequality under the effect of symmetries 2106.08255  
2021b02 Krause, B.; Roos, J. Discrete analogues of maximally modulated singular integrals of Stein-Wainger type, II 2107.14616  
2021b03 Greenfeld, R.; Tao, T. Undecidable translational tilings with only two tiles, or one nonabelian tile 2108.07902  
2021b04 Nelson, P. Bounds for standard L-functions 2109.15230  
2021b05 Bilz, C.; Weigt, J. The one-dimensional centred maximal function diminishes the variation of indicator functions 2107.12404  
2021b06 Gonçalves, F.; Greenfeld, R.; Madrid, J. Generalized Collatz Maps with Almost Bounded Orbits 2111.06170  
2021b07 Domínguez, Ó; Seeger, A.; Street, B.; Van Schaftingen, J.; Lam Yung, P. Spaces of Besov-Sobolev type and a problem on nonlinear approximation 2112.05539  
2021b08 Brezis, H.; Seeger, A.; Van Schaftingen, J.; Lam Yung, P. Families of functionals representing Sobolev norms 2109.02930  
2021b09 de Dios, J.; Greenfeld, R.; Ivanisvili, P.; Madrid, J. Additive energies on discrete cubes 2112.09352  
2021b10 Peluse, S. Subsets of Fnp×Fnp without L-shaped configurations 2205.01295  
2022b01 Joris Roos, Andreas Seeger, Rajula Srivastava Spherical maximal operators on Heisenberg groups: Restricted dilation sets 2208.02774