Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2019a01 Blesgen, Thomas; Amendola, Ada; Fraternali, Fernando On a modified Becker-Doering model for two-phase materials 1904.00452  
2019a02 Bozorgnia, Farid; Lewintan, Peter Decay estimate for the solution of the evolutionary damped p-Laplace equation 1905.03597 Electron. J. Differential Equations, Vol. 2021 (2021), No. 73, pp. 1-9
2019a03 Blesgen, Thomas; Amendola, Ada; Fraternali, Fernando On a modified Becker–Döring model for two-phase materials   Continuum Mech. Thermodyn. (2019)
2019a04 Blesgen, Thomas; Amendola, Ada Mathematical analysis of a solution method for finite-strain holonomic plasticity of Cosserat materials   Meccanica (2019)
2019a05 Cao, Wentao; Székelyhidi, László Global Nash-Kuiper theorem for compact manifolds 1906.08608  
2019a06 Gebhard, Björn; Kolumbán, József; Székelyhidi, László A new approach to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability 2002.08843  
2019a07 Faraco, Daniel; Lindberg, Sauli; Székelyhidi, László Bounded solutions of ideal MHD with compact support in space-time 1909.08678  
2019a08 Noisette, Florent; Székelyhidi, László Mixing solutions for the Muskat problem with variable speed 2005.08814  
2019a09 Mengual, Francisco; Székelyhidi, László Dissipative Euler flows for vortex sheet initial data without distinguished sign 2005.08333  
2019a10 Fischer, Julian; Hensel, Sebastian; Laux, Tim; Simon, Thilo The local structure of the energy landscape in multiphase mean curvature flow: Weak-strong uniqueness and stability of evolutions 2003.05478  
2019a11 Eberle, Simon; Shahgholian, Henrik; Weiss, Georg On global solutions of the obstacle problem -- application to the local analysis close to singularities 2005.04915  
2019a12 Eberle, Simon; Weiss, Georg Characterizing compact coincidence sets in the obstacle problem -- a short proof 2005.10490  
2019a13 Modena, Stefano On some recent results concerning non-uniqueness for the transport equation 1903.04962  
2019a14 Modena, Stefano; Sattig, Gabriel Convex integration solutions to the transport equation with full dimensional concentration 1902.08521 Annales de l'Institut H. Poincaré C, Analyse non lin. (2020)
2019a15 Burczak, Jan; Ożański, Wojciech; Seregin, Gregory On regularity properties of a surface growth model 2004.05216  
2019a16 Gkikas, Konstantinos; Nguyen, Phuoc-Tai Green kernel and Martin kernel of Schrödinger operators with singular potential and application to the B.V.P. for linear elliptic equations 2002.10754  
2019a17 Fotouh, Morteza; Shahgholian, Henrik; Weiss, Georg A free boundary problem for an elliptic system Preprint