No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2009a01 Alvanos, Paraskevas; Bilu, Yuri; Poulakis, Dimitrios Characterizing algebraic curves with infinitely many integral points 0907.2097 MR2532274
2009a02 Bandman, Tatiana; Grunewald, Fritz; Kunyavski, Boris Geometry and arithmetic of verbal dynamical systems on simple groups 0809.0369 MR2727656
2009a03 Billerey, Nicolas Critères d'irréductibilité pour les représentations des courbes elliptiques 0908.1084 MR2812649
2009a04 Bilu, Yuri; Strambi, Marco; Surroca, Andrea Quantitative Chevalley-Weil theorem for curves 0908.1233 MR3066813
2009a05 Bilu, Yuri; Illengo, Marco Effective Siegel's theorem for modular curves 0905.0418 MR2820153
2009a06 Bilu, Yuri; Parent, Pierre Runge's method and modular curves 0907.3306 MR2806555
2009a07 Bilu, Yuri; Strambi, Marco Quantitative Riemann existence theorem over a number field 0809.0345 MR2738151
2009a08 Bilu, Yuri; Parent, Pierre Serre's uniformity problem in the split Cartan case 0807.4954 MR2753610
2009a09 Browning, T. D. The divisor problem for binary cubic forms 1006.3476 MR2861076
2009a10 Brüdern, Jörg; Kawada, Koichi; Wooley, Trevor D. Additive representation in thin sequences, VIII: Diophantine inequalities in review pdf MR2798456
2009a11 Brüdern, J.; Dietmann, R.; Liu, J. Y.; Wooley, T. D A Birch-Goldbach theorem pdf MR2581334
2009a12 Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D. Sparse variance for primes in arithmetic progression pdf MR2805205
2009a13 Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D. On Waring´s problem: three cubes and a minicube pdf MR2747878
2009a14 Bruin, Nils; Stoll, Michael The Mordell-Weil sieve: proving non-existence of rational points on curves 0906.1934 MR2685127
2009a15 Chan, Ping-Shun; Flicker, Yuval Z. Cyclic odd degree base change lifting for unitary groups in three variables 0708.4397 MR2584272
2009a16 Cojocaru, Alina-Carmen; Grant, David; Jones, Nathan One-parameter families of elliptic curves over Q with maximal Galois representations pdf MR2837018
2009a17 Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis; Wittenberg, Olivier Groupe de Brauer et points entiers de deux familles de surfaces cubiques affines 0911.3539 MR2975237
2009a18 D'Aquino, Paola; Macintyre, Angus Quadratic forms in models of ΙΔ01, Part II: local equivalence pdf MR2775707
2009a19 Davis, Martin Representation theorems for r.e. sets and a conjecture related to Poonen's larges subring of Q pdf MR2753648
2009a20 Derenthal, Ulrich; Loughran, Daniel Singular del Pezzo surfaces that are equivariant compactifications 0910.2717 MR2753646
2009a21 Dieulefait, Luis On the modularity of rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds: epilogue 0908.1210 MR2753647
2009a22 Ieronymou, Evis; Skorobogatov, Alexei N.; Zarhin, Yuri G. On the Brauer group of diagonal quartic surfaces 0912.2865 MR2802504
2009a23 Evertse, Jan-Hendrik On the quantitative subspace theorem 1008.2268 MR2753657
2009a24 Flenner, Joseph Relative decidability and definability in Henselian valued fields 0910.2682 MR2895394
2009a25 Flicker, Yuval Z. Base change for Hilbert eigenvarieties of unitary groups pdf MR2753655
2009a26 Györy, K.; Hajdu, L.; Tijdeman, R. Irreducibility criteria of Schur-type and Pólya-type pdf MR2820371
2009a27 Heath-Brown, D. R. Zeros of systems of p-adic quadratic forms 0810.1122 MR2601629
2009a28 Heath-Brown, D. R. Bounds for the cubic Weyl sum 0905.1869 MR2753656
2009a29 Helfgott, Harald Andres; de Roton, Anne Improving Roth's theorem in the primes 0912.1842 MR2773330
2009a30 Jones, Nathan GL2-representations with maximal image pdf MR3350106
2009a31 Jones, Nathan Pairs of elliptic curves with maximal Galois representations pdf MR3071819
2009a32 Marmon, Oscar A generalization of the Bombieri-Pila determinant method 0905.4443 MR2753650
2009a33 Matiyasevich, Yuri Towards finite-fold Diophantine representations pdf MR2753651
2009a34 Pasten, Hector; Pheidas, Thanases; Vidaux, Xavier A survey on Büchi's problem: new presentations and open problems pdf MR2753653
2009a35 Poonen, Bjorn Curves over every global field violating the local-global principle 0902.3965 MR2753654
2009a36 Poonen, Bjorn Multivariable polynomial injections on rational numbers 0902.3961 MR2733078
2009a37 Pupyrev, Yuri A. Rational approximations of the number 3√3 pdf MR2641347
2009a38 Salberger, Per; Wooley, Trevor D. Rational points on complete intersections of higher degree, and mean values of Weyl sums pdf MR2725042
2009a39 Shlapentokh, Alexandra; Vidaux, Xavier The analogue of Büchi's problem for function fields 1004.0731 MR2774641
2009a40 Sirokofskich, Alla Decidability of sub-theories of polynomials over a finite field pdf MR2545918
2009a41 Sirokofskich, Alla On an exponential predicate in polynomials over finite fields pdf MR2607887
2009a42 Skorobogatov, Alexei N.; Zarhin, Yuri G. The Brauer group of Kummer surfaces and torsion of elliptic curves 0911.2261 MR2920883
2009a43 Zahid, Jahan Non-singular points on hypersurfaces over Fq 1001.0684 MR2753649
2009a44 Flicker, Yuval Z. On level-raising congruences 0811.4094 MR2559106
2009a45 Harari, David; Voloch, José Felipe The Brauer-Manin obstruction for integral points on curves - MR2726726
2009a46 Niedermowwe, Nic The circle method with weights for the representation of integers by quadratic forms 0905.1229 MR2753652
2009a47 Poonen, Bjorn Automorphisms mapping a point into a subvariety 0902.3571 MR2819676
2009a48 Schlank, Tomer M. On the Brauer-Manin obstruction applied to ramified covers 0911.5728  
2009a49 Browning, Timothy D.; Heath-Brown, David Rodney Quadratic polynomials represented by norm forms 1109.0232 MR2989431