Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2007c01 Barlow, Martin T.; Grigor'yan, Alexander; Kumagai, Takashi Heat kernel upper bounds for jump processes and the first exit time pdf MR2492992
2007c02 Goldberg, Leslie Ann; Jerrum, Mark; Karpinski, Marek The mixing time of Glauber dynamics for coloring regular trees 0806.0921 MR2666764
2007c03 Grigor'yan, Alexander; Kumagai, Takashi On the dichotomy in the heat kernel two sided estimates pdf MR2459870
2007c04 Eberle, Andreas; Marinelli, Carlo Quantitative approximations of evolving probability measures and sequential Markov chain Monte Carlo methods 1010.1696 MR3034790
2007c05 Hambly, Ben M.; Kumagai, Takashi Diffusion on the scaling limit of the critical percolation cluster in the diamond hierarchical lattice pdf MR2585991
2007c06 Ivanyos, Gábor; Karpinski, Marek; Saxena, Nitin Schemes for deterministic polynomial factoring 0804.1974 MR2742707
2007c07 Ivanyos, Gábor; Karpinski, Marek; Rónyai, Lajos; Saxena, Nitin Trading GRH for algebra: algorithms for factoring polynomials and related structures 0811.3165 MR2833506
2007c08 Ivanyos, Gábor; Karpinski, Marek; Saxena, Nitin Deterministic polynomial time algorithms for matrix completion problems 0907.0774 MR2745772
2007c09 Karpinski, Marek; Schudy, Warren Approximation schemes for the betweenness problem in tournaments and related ranking problems 0911.2214 MR2863267
2007c10 Karpinski, Marek; Schudy, Warren Linear time approximation schemes for the Gale-Berlekamp game and related minimization problems 0811.3244 MR2780077
2007c11 Shigekawa, Ichiro Dual ultracontractivity and its applications pdf MR3240349
2007c12 Baudoin, Fabrice; Hairer, Martin; Teichmann, Josef Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes on Lie groups 0711.2419 MR2433956