Session on counting rational points on algebraic varieties

Date: March 15 - April 14, 2013

Organizer: D.R. Heath-Brown

See Trimester Seminar for talks during the session.

The aim of the session "counting rational points on algebraic varieties" was to report on recent works on the existence, frequency and distribution of rational points on algebraic varieties. Thus the main themes were local to global principles, Manin’s conjecture, developments of the Hardy-Littlewood method, and the determinant method. There were regular 10am seminars from March 18th to April 12th. For the final week, from April 15th to 19th, there was a conference covering both the counting rational points theme and the earlier theme on Serre’s conjecture.

Seminars were given by Roman Budylin, Alexandru Buium, Rainer Dietmann, Sergey O. Gorchinskiy, David Rodney Heath-Brown, Daniel Loughran, Andrei Osipov, Alexej N. Parshin, Arne Smeets, Efthymios Sofos, Mike Swarbrick Jones, and Pankaj Hemant Vishe, amongst others.

Conference talks relating to counting rational points were given by Yuri Bilu, Tim Browning, Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene, Ulrich Derenthal, David Rodney Heath-Brown, Lilian Matthiesen, David McKinnon, and Trevor Wooley, amongst others.