No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2013a01 Bandman, Tatiana; Garion, Shelly; Kunyavskii, Boris Equations in simple matrix groups: algebra, geometry, arithmetic, dynamics 1302.4667 MR3130678
2013a02 Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D. The Hasse principle for systems of diagonal cubic forms 1304.5165 MR3466866
2013a03 Kuzmin, Leonid On a new type of l-adic regulator for algebraic number fields 1402.1504 MR3352584
2013a04 Guitart, Xavier; Masdeu, Marc; Sengun, Mehmet Haluk Darmon points on elliptic curves over number fields of arbitrary signature 1404.6650 MR3384519
2013a05 Buium, Alexandru; Dupuy, Taylor Arithmetic differential equations on GLn, I: differential cocycles 1308.0748 MR3473428
2013a06 Buium, Alexandru; Dupuy, Taylor Arithmetic differential equations on GLn, II: arithmetic Lie-Cartan theory 1308.0744 MR3477327
2013a07 Buium, Alexandru; Dupuy, Taylor Arithmetic differential equations on GLn, III: Galois groups 1308.0747 MR3477328
2013a08 Buium, Alexandru; Manin, Yuri I. Arithmetic differential equations of Painlevé VI type 1307.3841 MR3467121
2013a09 Browning, Tim D.; Heath-Brown, David Rodney Forms in many variables and differing degrees 1403.5937 MR3605019
2013a10 Browning, Tim D.; Dietmann, Rainer; Heath-Brown, David Rodney Rational points on intersections of cubic and quadric hypersurfaces 1309.0147 MR3394125
2013a11 Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis; Pál, Ambrus; Skorobogatov, Alexei N. Pathologies of the Brauer-Manin obstruction 1310.5055 MR3473644
2013a12 Guitart, Xavier; Masdeu, Marc Overconvergent cohomology and quaternionic Darmon points 1307.2556 MR3263962
2013a13 Budylin, Roman; Gorchinskiy, Sergey Intersections of adelic groups on a surface 1310.2092 MR3185082
2013a14 Browning, Tim D.; Matthiesen, Lilian Norm forms for arbitrary number fields as products of linear polynomials 1307.7641 MR3742196
2013a15 Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D. Cubic moments of Fourier coefficients and pairs of diagonal quartic forms 1307.1393 MR3420525
2013a16 Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D. Correlation estimates for sums of three cubes 1404.3846 MR3618077
2013a17 Diamond, Fred; Savitt, David Serre weights for locally reducible two-dimensional Galois representations 1304.7649 MR3352531
2013a18 Loughran, Daniel The number of varieties in a family which contain a rational point 1310.6219 MR3852186
2013a19 Kumar, Narasimha; Purkait, Soma A note on the Fourier coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms 1304.6586 MR3196964
2013a20 Grishkov, Alexander N.; Logachev, Dmitry Resultantal varieties related to zeroes of L-functions of Carlitz modules 1205.2900 MR3451350
2013a21 Galkin, Sergey; Katzarkov, Ludmil; Mellit, Anton; Shinder, Evgeny Derived categories of Keum's fake projective planes   MR3341791
2013a22 Gun, Sanoli; Kumar, Narasimha A note on Fourier-Jacobi coefficients of Siegel modular forms 1302.0410 MR3133725
2013a23 Harpaz, Yonatan; Skorobogatov, Alexei N.; Wittenberg, Olivier The Hardy-Littlewood conjecture and rational points 1304.3333 MR3292295
2013a24 Akhtari, Shabnam Representation of small integers by binary forms 1508.03602 MR3436168
2013a25 Dieulefait, Luis; Zenteno, Adrian Constructing Hilbert modular forms whithout exceptional primes 1402.5905  
2013a26 Abrashkin, Victor Galois groups of local fields, Lie algebras and ramification   MR3467117
2013a27 Adibhatla, Rajender; Tsaknias, Panagiotis A characterisation of ordinary modular eigenforms with CM 1206.0177 MR3467118
2013a28 Benois, Denis Selmer complexes and p-adic Hodge theory 1404.7386 MR3467119
2013a29 Browning, Tim D. A survey of applications of the circle method to rational points   MR3467120
2013a30 Buium, Alexandru Differential calculus with integers 1308.5194 MR3467122
2013a31 Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis Un calcul de groupe de Brauer et une application arithmétique   MR3467123
2013a32 Dieulefait, Luis; Pacetti, Ariel Connectedness of Hecke algebras and the Rayuela conjecture: a path to functoriality and modularity 1402.6270 MR3467124
2013a33 Hida, Haruzo; Tilouine, Jacques Big image of Galois representations and congruence ideals   MR3467125
2013a34 Kunyavskiĭ, Boris Equations in matrix groups and algebras over number fields and rings: prolegomena to a lowbrow noncommutative Diophantine geometry   MR3467127
2013a35 Paranjape, Kapil; Ramakrishnan, Dinakar Modular forms and Calabi-Yau varieties 1404.1154 MR3467130
2013a36 Rosso, Giovanni Derivative of symmetric square p-adic L-functions via pull-back formula 1401.1431 MR3467131
2013a37 Salberger, Per Uniform bounds for rational points on cubic hypersurfaces   MR3467132
2013a38 Van Order, Jeanine On the dihedral Euler characteristics of Selmer groups of abelian varieties 1112.3825 MR3467135
2013a39 Viazovska, Maryna CM values of higher Green's functions and regularized Petersson products   MR3467136
2013a40 Ivanov, Mikhail A.; Vostokov, Sergei V. The skew-symmetric pairing on the Lubin-Tate formal module   MR3467126
2013a41 Kuz'min, Leonid V. On the l-adic regulator as an ingredient of Iwasawa theory   MR3467128
2013a42 Tuan, Ngo Dac On a counting problem for G-shtukas   MR3467129
2013a43 Skorobogatov, Alexei N. Descent on toric fibrations 1312.7539 MR3467133
2013a44 Smirnov, Aleksander L. On filtrations of vector bundles over PZ1   MR3467134
2013a45 Smeets, Arne Principes locaux-globaux pour certaines fibrations en torseurs sous un tore 1305.0756 MR3300317
2013a46 Rosso, Giovanni Derivative at s=1 of the p-adic L-function of the symmetric square of a Hilbert modular form 1306.4935 MR3551900
2013a47 Rosso, Giovanni A formula for the derivative of the p-adic L-function of the symmetric square of a finite slope modular form 1310.6583 MR3506387
2013a48 Grishkov, Alexander N.; Logachev, Dmitry Lattice map for Anderson t-motives: first approach 1109.0679 MR3679803