Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2017c01 Grigoriev, Dima; Vorobjov, Nicolai Upper bounds on Betti numbers of tropical prevarieties 1709.08594 MR3810572
2017c02 Batko, Bogdan; Kaczynski, T.; Mrozek, M.; Wanner, T. Linking combinatorial and classical dynamics: conley index and morse decompositions 1710.05802  
2017c03 Bauer, Ulrich; Bjerkevik, H.K. Tight equivalences of metrics between Reeb graphs   in preparation
2017c04 Belton, Robin; Brooks, R.; Ebli, L.; Fajstrup, Lisbeth; Fasy, Brittany; Ray, C.; Sanderson N.; Vidaurre, E. An obstruction to contractibility of spaces of directed paths 1902.01039  
2017c05 Bjerkevik, Havard; Botnan, Magnus Computational complexity of the interleaving distance   MR3824257
2017c06 Bjerkevik, Havard; Botnan, Magnus; Kerber, Michael Computing the interleaving distance is NPhard, 2018 1811.09165  
2017c07 Brodzki, Jacek; Gao, T.; Mukherjee, S. The geometry of synchronization problems and learning group actions 1610.09051 Discrete Comput. Geom. (2019)
2017c08 Bubenik, Peter The persistence landscape and some of its properties 1810.04963 Proceedings of the 2018 Abel Symposium (accepted) (2019)
2017c09 Bubenik, Peter; Hull, Michael; Patel, Dhruv; Whittle, Benjamin Persistent homology detects curvature, 2019 1905.13196  
2017c10 Bubenik, Peter; Vergili, T. Topological spaces of persistence modules and their properties 1802.08117 MR3927353
2017c11 Chacholski, Wojciech; Levi, Ran; Meshulam, Roy On the topology of complexes of injective words 1908.03394 submitted
2017c12 Chen, Chao; Ni, X.; Bai, Q.; Wang, Yusu A topological regularizer for classifiers via persistent homology 1806.10714 Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (K. Chaudhuri and M. Sugiyama, eds.)Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, vol. 89, PMLR, 16–18 Apr 2019, pp. 2573–2582.
2017c13 Dey, Tamal; Juda, Mateusz; Kapela, T.; Kubica, J.;Lipinski, M.;Mrozek, Marian Persistent homology of Morse decompositions in combinatorial dynamics 1801.06590 MR3922908
2017c14 Goubault, Eric On directed homotopy equivalences and a notion of directed topological complexity 1709.05702  
2017c15 Goubault, Eric; Farber, Michael; Sagnier, Aurélien Directed topological complexity 1812.09382  
2017c16 Grigoriev, Dima; Vorobjov, Nicolai Orthogonal tropical linear prevarieties 1803.01068 MR3854801
2017c17 Kaczynski, Tomasz; Mrozek, Marian; Wanner, Thomas Creating semiflows on simplicial complexes from combinatorial vector fields   in preparation
2017c18 Kozlov, Dmitry; Meshulam, Roy Quantitative aspects of acyclicity 1802.03210 MR4011565
2017c19 Kurlin, Vitaliy; Muszynski, Grzegorz A persistence-based approach to automatic detection of line segments in Images   International Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context (R. Marfil, M. Calderon, Diaz del Rio F., P. Real, and A. Bandera, eds.), L, vol. 11382, Springer, 2019, pp. 137–150
2017c20 Lütgehetmann, Daniel; Govc, Dejan; Smith, Jason; Levi, Ran Computing persistent homology of directed flag complexes 1906.10458  
2017c21 Patrangenaru, V.; Bubenik, Peter; Paige, R. L.; Osborne, D. Challenges in topological object data analysis   MR3982197
2017c22 Raussen, Martin Pair component categories for directed spaces 1812.09507v2  
2017c23 Raussen, Martin Inessential directed maps and directed homotopy equivalences 1906.09031  
2017c24 Rieser, Antonio Cech closure spaces: A framework for discrete homotopy 1708.09558v5  
2017c25 Rybakken, Erik; Baas, Nils A.; Dunn, B. Decoding of neural data using cohomological feature extraction   MR3898980
2017c26 Spreemann, Gard; Dunn, B.; Botnan, Magnus; Baas, Nils A. Using persistent homology to reveal hidden covariates in systems governed by the kinetic ising model   MR3789145
2017c27 Zhang, K.; Wu, P.; Yuan, Ch.; Wang, Yusu; Metaxas, D.; Chen, Chao Heuristic search for homology localization problem and its application in cardiac trabeculae reconstruction   accepted at 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2019
2017c28 Ziemianski, Krzysztof Spaces of directed paths on pre-cubical sets II 1901.05206  
2017c29 Ziemianski, Krzysztof Stable components of directed spaces 1805.05061 MR3942260