Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2015a01 Bandara, Lashi; Lakzian, Sajjad; Munn, Michael Geometric singularities and a flow tangent to the Ricci flow 1505.05035 MR3700383
2015a02 Bandara, Lashi Continuity of solutions to space-varying pointwise linear elliptic equations 1505.06150 MR3590121
2015a03 Erbar, Matthias; Fathi, Max; Laschos, Vaios; Schlichting, André Gradient flow structure for McKean-Vlasov equations on discrete spaces 1601.08098 MR3567821
2015a04 Fathi, Max; Stoltz, Gabriel Improving dynamical properties of metropolized discretizations of overdamped Langevin dynamics 1505.04905 MR3648098
2015a05 Fathi, Max; Simon, Marielle The gradient flow approach to hydrodynamic limits for the simple exclusion process 1507.06489 MR3557721
2015a06 Fathi, Max; Shu, Yan Curvature and transport inequalities for Markov chains in discrete spaces 1509.07160 MR3706773
2015a07 Cavalletti, Fabio; Mondino, Andrea Sharp and rigid isoperimetric inequalities in metric-measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds 1502.06465 MR3648975
2015a08 Cavalletti, Fabio; Mondino, Andrea Sharp geometric and functional inequalities in metric measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds 1505.02061 MR3608721
2015a09 Ketterer, Christian On the geometry of metric measure spaces with variable curvature bounds 1506.03279 MR3667417
2015a10 Duong, Manh Hong; Tugaut, Julian Stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation: existence, characterization and phase-transition 1505.01212 MR3416384
2015a11 Deng, Qintao; Galaz-Garcia, Fernando; Guijarro, Luis; Munn, Michael Three-dimensional Alexandrov spaces with positive or nonnegative Ricci curvature 1602.07724 MR3748392
2015a12 Jylhä, Heikki; Rajala, Tapio L estimates in optimal mass transportation 1508.05205 MR3484971
2015a13 Kitabeppu, Yu; Lakzian, Sajjad Characterization of low dimensional RCD*(K,N) spaces 1505.00420 MR3550295
2015a14 Erbar, Matthias; Juillet, Nicolas Smoothing and non-smoothing via a flow tangent to the Ricci flow 1603.00280 MR3744922
2015a15 Schlichting, André Macroscopic limit of the Becker-Döring equation via gradient flows 1607.08735 MR3986360
2015a16 Indrei, Emanuel A sharp lower bound on the polygonal isoperimetric deficit 1502.05978 MR3487241
2015a17 Indrei, Emanuel; Minne, Andreas Nontransversal intersection of free and fixed boundaries for fully nonlinear elliptic operators in two dimensions 1505.02303 MR3513142
2015a18 Acciaio, Beatrice; Larsson, Martin Semi-static completeness and robust pricing by informed investors 1510.01890 MR3693526
2015a19 Beiglböck, Mathias; Cox, Alexander M. G.; Huesmann, Martin Optimal transport and Skorokhod embedding 1307.3656 MR3639595
2015a20 Beiglböck, Mathias; Huesmann, Martin; Stebegg, Florian Root to Kellerer 1507.07690 MR3618124
2015a21 Friz, Peter K.; Prömel, David J. Rough path metrics on a Besov-Nikolskii type scale 1609.03132 MR3864386
2015a22 Łochowski, Rafał M.; Perkowski, Nicolas; Prömel, David J. A superhedging approach to stochastic integration 1609.02349 MR3906979
2015a23 Vovk, Vladimir Another example of duality between game-theoretic and measure-theoretic probability 1608.02706  
2015a24 Beiglböck, Mathias; Cox, Alexander M. G.; Huesmann, Martin; Perkowski, Nicolas; Prömel, David J. Pathwise super-replication via Vovk's outer measure 1504.03644  
2015a25 Acciaio, Beatrice; Cox, Alexander M.G.; Huesmann, Martin Model-independent pricing with insider information: a Skorokhod embedding approach 1610.09124  
2015a26 Hall, Cameron; Hudson, Thomas; van Meurs, Patrick Asymptotic analysis of boundary layers in a repulsive particle system 1609.03236 MR3745729
2015a27 Amenta, Alex Interpolation and embeddings of weighted tent spaces 1509.05699 MR3750310
2015a28 Honda, Shouhei Elliptic PDEs on compact Ricci limit spaces and applications 1410.3296 MR3803543
2015a29 Erbar, Matthias; Fathi, Max Poincaré, modified logarithmic Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities for Markov chains with non-negative Ricci curvature 1612.00514 MR3782987
2015a30 Honda, Shouhei Spectral convergence under bounded Ricci curvature 1510.05349 MR3666725
2015a31 Mörters, Peter; Redl, István Skorokhod embeddings for two-sided Markov chains 1407.4734 MR3500277
2015a32 Beiglböck, Mathias; Cox, Alexander M. G.; Huesmann, Martin The geometry of multi-marginal Skorokhod embedding 1705.09505