Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2019b01 Gvalani, Rishabh S.; Schlichting, André Barriers of the McKean - Vlasov energy via a mountain pass theorem in the space of probability measures   Journal of Funct. Anal.(2020)
2019b02 Bonacini, Marco; Niethammer, Barbara; Velázquez, Juan Solutions with peaks for a coagulation-fragmentation equation. Part I: stability of the tails 1906.08965  
2019b03 Bonacini, Marco; Niethammer, Barbara; Velázquez, Juan Solutions with peaks for a coagulation-fragmentation equation. Part II: aggregation in peaks. 1906.08966  
2019b04 Hwang, Hyung Ju; Jang, Jin Woo; Jo, Hyeontae; Lee, Jae Yong Trend to Equilibrium for the Kinetic Fokker-Planck Equation via the Neural Network Approach 1911.09843 Journal of Computational Physics (2020)
2019b05 Braukhoff, Marcel; Tang, Bao Quoc Global solutions for chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system with Robin boundary conditions 1909.12547  
2019b06 Fajman, David; Heißel, Gernot; Maliborski, Maciej On the oscillations and future asymptotics of locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type III cosmologies with a massive scalar field Preprint  
2019b07 Jang, Jin Woo; Yun, Seok-Bae Propagation of $L^p$ estimates for the Spatially Homogeneous Relativistic Boltzmann Equation 2001.11672  
2019b08 Esposito, Antonio; Patacchini, Francesco S.; Schlichting, André; Slepčev, Dejan Nonlocal-interaction equation on graphs: gradient flow structure and continuum limit   submitted to Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., 12 (2021)
2019b09 Di Francesco, Marco; Esposito, Antonio; Schmidtchen, Markus Many-particle limit for a system of interaction equations driven by Newtonian potentials 2008.11106  
2019b10 Eichenberg, Constantin; Schlichting, André Self-similar behavior of the exchange-driven growth model with product kernel 2005.11980 accepted to Commun. Partial. Differ. Equ., (2021)
2019b11 Esentürk, Emre; Velazquez, Juan Large time behavior of exchange-driven growth   Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A (2021)
2019b12 Laurençot, Philippe Stationary solutions to Smoluchowski's coagulation equation with source 2006.15879 accepted to North-W. Eur. J. of Math., 6, (2020)
2019b13 Mitake, Hiroyoshi; Tran, Hung V.; Van, Truong-Son Large time behavior for a Hamilton-Jacobi equation in a critical Coagulation-Fragmentation model 2004.13619  
2019b14 Tran, Hung V.; Van, Truong-Son Coagulation-Fragmentation equations with multiplicative coagulation kernel and constant fragmentation kernel 1910.13424 accepted to Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics (2020)
2019b15 Alonso, Ricardo; Bagland, Véronique; Lods, Bertrand Long time dynamics for the Landau-Fermi-Dirac equation with hard potentials 1904.02394 Journal of Differential Equations (2021)
2019b16 Alonso, Ricardo; Bagland, Véronique; Desvillettes, Laurent; Lods, Bertrand About the use of entropy production for the Landau-Fermi-Dirac equation 2012.12998  
2019b17 Cañizo, José A.; Lods, Bertrand; Throm, Sebastian Contractivity for Smoluchowski's coagulation equation with solvable kernels   Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (2020)
2019b18 He, Ling-Bing; Zhou, Yu-Long Boltzmann equation with cutoff Rutherford scattering cross section near Maxwellian 2009.07598  
2019b19 Nota, Alessia; Saffirio, Chiara; Simonella, Sergio Two-dimensional Lorentz process for magnetotransport: Boltzmann-Grad limit 1910.12983  
2019b20 Pulvirenti, Mario; Simonella, Sergio On the cardinality of collisional clusters for hard spheres at low density 2005.09962  
2019b21 Pulvirenti, Mario; Simonella, Sergio A brief introduction to the scaling limits and effective equations in kinetic theory   Trails in Kinetic Theory, 25, SEMA SIMAI Springer Series (in press)
2019b22 Arnold, Anton; Einav, Amit; Signorello, Beatrice; Wöhrer, Tobias Large time convergence of the non-homogeneous Goldstein-Taylor Equation 2007.11792 to appear in J. Stat. Phys.
2019b23 Chen, Li; Daus, Esther S.; Holzinger, Alexandra; Jüngel, Ansgar Rigorous derivation of population cross-diffusion systems from moderately interacting particle systems 2010.12389  
2019b24 Daus, Esther S.; Jin, Shi; Liu, Liu On the multi-species Boltzmann equation with uncertainty and its stochastic Galerkin approximation 1909.01231  
2019b25 Dietert, Helge; Moussa, Ayman Persisting entropy structure for nonlocal cross-diffusion systems 2101.02893  
2019b26 Einav, Amit; Morgan, Jeffrey J.; Tang, Bao Q. Indirect diffusion effect in degenerate reaction-diffusion systems   SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2020)
2019b27 Evans, Josephine; Moyano, Ivan Quantitative Rates of Convergence to Equilibrium for the Degenerate Linear Boltzmann equation on the Torus 1907.12836