Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2011c01 Große, Nadine; Nardmann, Marc The Yamabe constant on noncompact manifolds 1206.0610 MR3192307
2011c02 Hall, Stuart; Haslhofer, Robert; Siepmann, Michael The stability inequality for Ricci-flat cones 1111.4981 MR3145931
2011c03 Cheeger, Jeff; Haslhofer, Robert; Naber, Aaron Quantitative stratification and the regularity of mean curvature flow 1207.3619 MR3061773
2011c04 Nikolaus, Thomas; Waldorf, Konrad Lifting problems and transgression for non-abelian gerbes 1112.4702 MR3055987
2011c05 Waldorf, Konrad A construction of string 2-group models using a transgression-regression technique 1201.5052 MR3013040
2011c06 Swoboda, Jan Morse homology for the Yang-Mills gradient flow 1103.0845 MR2944375
2011c07 Swoboda, Jan; Ziltener, Fabian A symplectically non-squeezable small set and the regular coisotropic capacity 1203.2395 MR3117057
2011c08 Weiss, Hartmut; Witt, Frederik Energy functionals and soliton equations for G2-forms 1201.1208 MR2995206
2011c09 Ammann, Bernd; Weiss, Hartmut; Witt, Frederik A spinorial energy functional: critical points and gradient flow 1207.3529 MR3521099
2011c10 Hein, Hans-Joachim; Naber, Aaron New logarithmic Sobolev inequalities and an ε-regularity theorem for the Ricci flow 1205.0380 MR3245102
2011c11 Conlon, Ronan J.; Hein, Hans-Joachim Asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau manifolds, I 1205.6347 MR3161306
2011c12 Redden, Corbett Trivializations of differential cocycles 1201.2919 MR3348264
2011c13 Crowley, Diarmuid; Nordström, Johannes New invariants of G2-structures 1211.0269 MR3416118
2011c14 Haskins, Mark; Hein, Hans-Joachim; Nordström, Johannes Asymptotically cylindrical Calabi-Yau manifolds 1212.6929 MR3399097
2011c15 Große, Nadine; Nakad, Roger Boundary value problems for noncompact boundaries of Spinc manifolds and spectral estimates 1207.4568 MR3273489
2011c16 Glover, Rebecca; Sawon, Justin Generalized twistor spaces for hyperkähler manifolds 1309.4759 MR3355104