Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2010a01 Akhtari, Shabnam Representation of unity by binary forms 1011.4507 MR2869201
2010a02 Arias-de-Reyna, Sara; Gajda, Wojciech; Petersen, Sebastian Abelian varieties over finitely generated fields and the conjecture of Geyer and Jarden on torsion 1010.2444 MR3103886
2010a03 Bayarmagnai, Gombodorj Versal torsors with few parameters pdf  
2010a04 Biswas, Indranil; Dey, Arijit Restriction theorems for Higgs principal bundles pdf MR2793040
2010a05 Canci, Jung Kyu; Peruginelli, Giulio; Tossici, Dajano On some notions of good reduction for endomorphisms of the projective line 1103.3853 MR3042691
2010a06 Caruso, Xavier Estimation des dimensions de certaines variétés de Kisin 1005.2394 MR3604976
2010a07 Ghate, Eknath; Kuma, Narasimha 2-adic Hida theory and applications pdf  
2010a08 Şengün, Mehmet Haluk On the integral cohomology of Bianchi groups 1005.5179 MR2859903
2010a09 Smithling, Brian D. Topological flatness of local models for ramified unitary groups. I. The odd dimensional case 1002.3520 MR2764885
2010a10 Ulas, Maciej Variations on twists of triples of elliptic curves pdf  
2010a11 Witzel, Stefan Finiteness properties of Chevalley groups over the Laurent polynomial ring over a finite field 1007.5216  
2010a12 Pappas, Georgios; Rapoport, Michael; Smithling, Brian Local models of Shimura varieties, I. Geometry and combinatorics 1011.5551 MR3135437
2010a13 Schütt, Matthias Picard numbers of quintic surfaces 1308.2525 MR3335284
2010a14 Köhl, Ralf On the geometry of global function fields, the Riemann-Roch theorem, and finiteness properties of S-arithmetic groups 1008.3664 MR3074862