Workshop: Continuous approaches to discrete optimization

Dates: October 11 - 15, 2021
Venue: This workshop is currently scheduled to take place online

In case there will be relaxations with regard to the hygienic restrictions that are currently necessary due to COVID-19, the workshop may take place on-site. This will be decided  approx. 3 months prior to the event and this website will be updated correspondingly.

Organizers: Chandra Chekuri (Illinois), Daniel Dadush (Amsterdam), Yin Tat Lee (Washington), Stephen Wright (Wisconsin)



Spectacular recent advances have been made in the quest for faster algorithms for key combinatorial optimization problems, such as maximum flow and matching, by taking advantage of and improving upon tools in continuous optimization (e.g. fast LP solving via first-order & interior point methods). Continuous techniques have also been fundamental to advances in online problems in combinatorial optimization (e.g. primal-dual methods) such as online matching and the k-server problem. To make further progress, it has become clear that sophisticated combinations of these techniques with tools from approximate linear algebra, data-structures, graph theory, convex geometry and other areas will be required. The purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers in related areas together to stimulate collaboration and explore applications of these techniques across optimization, from both a theoretical and practical perspective.