Algebraic geometry: derived categories, Hodge theory, and Chow groups

Junior Trimester Program

September 11 - December 20, 2023

Mentor: Daniel Huybrechts

The program will bring together algebraic geometers working on different aspects of algebraic geometry with a focus on geometric applications to central classes of algebraic varieties. Special emphasis will be put on Hyperkähler, Calabi-Yau and Fano varieties, but the program aims at triggering new collaborations between the different directions in the title in a broad sense. We invite groups of early career researchers (Phd students, postdocs, junior faculty) to apply for the program, with the goal to pursue research within their group but also to collaborate with the other groups. The participants will be supported by the HIM to organize various activities (including seminars, a school, workshops) and are free to design a research environment that suits their research agenda best.

The program will be organized in collaboration with the ERC Synergy Project  


We seek applications from 30 young scientists (Phd students, postdocs, junior faculty) woldwide, preferably groups but also individuals, whose research interests fit this theme. Individuals should be open to project work with other participants. The stay in Bonn is financially supported by HIM (for more information see here). We recommend stays of 4 months, but visits as short as 4 weeks are possible.

The Junior Trimester Program is primarily for PhD students, postdocs, and young assistant professors. There is no strict limit for the admission of Junior Faculty. Applicants are expected to have completed their PhD thesis at most 7 years ago.

To apply for participation, there will be an application form and in addition, the following documents will be required (mandatory *):

  • CV*
  • Letter of Intent* (It should contain a description of the research projects you want to work on during your stay and should be one to four pages.)
  • Research Statement (It should describe your previous research and, for example, your research output and scientific memberships.)
  • Letter of recommendation (This is to be sent by the author to a separate e-mail address).

We encourage applications of small groups (of 3-5 people). In this case, please choose a group name and list the other group members.

The online application platform to participate in this trimester program can be found here. The application deadline is November 30, 2022 (CET).