Current Master and Bachelor students: Tim Brings, You Zhou,

Current PhD-students: Dominik Kirstein, Christan Kremer, Simona Vesela,

Current Postdocs: -

List of current Bachelor- Masters-, Diplom- and Staatsexamenarbeiten
On the Farrell-Jones Conjecture (Master) Bonn
Cooperations on K-theory (Master) Bonn
The equivariant Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence (Master) Bonn

List of current PhD Theses
L^2-invariants and their applications Bonn
Applications of surgery theory Bonn

List of finished Bachelor- Masters-, Diplom- and Staatsexamenarbeiten (since 1996)
Equivariant Chern characters (master) March 2022 Bonn
Homology and cohomology of spaces over a category (master) October 2021 Bonn
On classifying spaces for families of subgroups (master) September 2021 Bonn
L^2-invariants of 3-manifolds (master) September 2021 Bonn
Finiteness obstruction (Master) March 2021 Bonn
The equivariant degree (Bachelor) July 2020 Bonn
Scissor congruences (Bachelor) July 2020 Bonn
Surgery and a theorem of Lickorish (Bachelor) July 2020 Bonn
Sato-Levine invariants (Bachelor) July 2020 Bonn
Whitehead torsion and its applications (Master) March 2020 Bonn
G-Theory and algebraic K-Theory (Bachelor) July 2019 Bonn
Dimension flatness of N(G) over $CG (Bachelor) July 2019 Bonn
Mackey Functors and Induction Theorems (Bachelor) July 2019 Bonn
The knot-theoretic classification of 3-dimensional lens spaces (Bachelor) July 2019 Bonn
Hyperbolic groups (Bachelor) July 2018 Bonn
On the algebraic K-theory for right angled Coxeter groups (Master) April 2019 Bonn
Analytic aspects of L^2-invariants (Master) April 2018 Bonn
Basics about surgery theory (Master) April 2018 Bonn
Group (co-)homology of certain crystallographic groups (Master) December 2017 Bonn
On the Burnside ring and equivariant Euler characteristic (Bachelor) July 2017 Bonn
Universal L^2-torsion (Master) October 2016 Bonn
Equivariant (co-)homology for infinite groups (Master) June 2016 Bonn
Universal L^2-torsion (Master) June 2016 Bonn
On the Novikov Conjecture (Master) February 2016 Bonn
Intrinsic methods in the theory of surgery on compact non-simply connected manifolds (Master) December 2015 Bonn
Spivak normal bundles (Master) December 2015 Bonn
Universal functorial additive invariants (Bachelor) July 2015 Bonn
Topological invariants of the three-dimensional Heisenberg group (Master) April 2015 Bonn
Classifying spaces for families (Master) January 2015 Bonn
On highly regular embeddings (Master) September 2014 Bonn
Lens spaces (Bachelor) July 2014 Bonn
L^2-invariants and approximation (Master) November 2013 Bonn
Pseudo-isotopy spaces and spectra (Master) September 2013 Bonn
Algebraic K-theory and quasi-categories (Master) September 2013 Bonn
Continuity properties of Fuglede-Kadison determinants (Master) September 2013 Bonn
Middle algebraic K-theory of group rings (Bachelor) August 2013 Bonn
Noetherian EI-categories (Bachelor) June 2013 Bonn
Assembly maps (Master) October 2012 Bonn
L^2-Betti numbers and group theory (Bachelor) July 2011 Bonn
Der Struktursatz von projektiven Moduln über einer Kategorie (Bachelor) July 2011 Bonn
Konstruktionen in der geometrischen Gruppentheorie (Bachelor) July 2011 Bonn
Moduln über Kategorien und Anwendungen (Bachelor) July 2011 Bonn
Dirac operators and the index theorem (Diplom) June 2009 Münster
Über Idempotente, Nullteiler und Einheiten in Gruppenringen (Diplom) September 2008 Münster
Isomorphismus-Vermutungen und 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten (Diplom) September 2008 Münster
Spaces and Spectra over categories (Diplom) July 2008 Münster
Isomorphismus-Vermutungen und B\"aume (Diplom) July 2008 Münster
The equivariant realization theorem (Diplom) March 2007 Münster
Torsion obstructions to a map being homotopic to a bundle projection (Diplom) March 2007 Münster
Algebraische K-Theorie von von Neumann Algebren (Diplom) March 2005 Münster
The Proportionality Principle of Simplicial Volume (Diplom) October 2004 Münster
Über die Klassifizierung von Vassiliew-Invarianten und das Kontesevich-Integral (Diplom) June 2004 Münster
Reidemeister-Bewegungen und Knotentheorie (Staatsexamen) December 2003 Münster
Klassifizierende Räume von Familien und Graphen von Gruppen (Diplom) December 2003 Münster
Dimensionsfunktionen und Anwendungen auf L²-Kohomologie (Diplom) November 2003 Münster
Moduln über einer Kategorie (Diplom) November 2003 Münster
Vektoranalysis auf Mannigfaltigkeiten auf Mannigfaltigkeiten (Staatsexamen) November 2003 Münster
Homologie und die Euler-Charakteristik (Staatsexamen) November 2003 Münster
G_0(CG) von nicht-amenablen Gruppen (Diplom) October 2003 Münster
Das Alexanderpolynom von Verschlingungen (Diplom) January 2002 Münster
Die äquivariante Atiyah-Hirzebruch-Spektralsequenz (Diplom) February 2001 Münster
Geschlechter auf BU<6> and BO<8>-Mannigfaltigkeiten (Diplom) March 2002 Münster
äquivariante Bredon und Garbenkohomologie (Diplom) August 1999 Münster
Äquivariante Endlichkeitshindernisse (Diplom) August 1999 Münster
Äquivariante Hindernistheorie für topologische Gruppen (Diplom) September 1998 Münster
L²-Betti-Zahlen und Faserungen (Staatsexamen) October 1997 Münster
Universelle funktorielle additive Invarianten und das Wall's Endlichkeitshindernis (Diplom) November 1996 Mainz
Die stabile Kneservermutung für 4-Mannigfaltigkeiten (Diplom) November 1996 Mainz
Der verallgemeinerte Swan Homomorphismus und die Klassifikation von freien G-Homotopiedarstellungen (Diplom) September 1996 Mainz
Realisation von Wall'schen Endlichkeitshindernissen bei Räumen mit G(X) = pi_1(X) (Diplom) June 1996 Mainz
Verallgemeinerte Lefschetz Zahlen (Diplom) February 1996 Mainz

List of finished PhD Theses
External Spanier-Whitehead duality for C-spectra and applications to C-homology theories April 2021 Bonn
Embeddings of group rings and L^2-invariants January 2021 Bonn
Pseudoisotopy and automorphism groups of manifolds January 2019 Bonn
G-theory for finite groups October 2018 Bonn
Assembly maps and pseudoisotopy functors July 2018 Bonn
On the finiteness of the classifying space for virtually cyclic subgroups June 2018 Bonn
The L^2-Torsion Polytope of Groups and the Integral Polytope Groups January 2018 Bonn
On the relation between K- and L-theory of complex C^*-algebras June 2016 Bonn
The hotel of algebraic surgery theory June 2014 Bonn
The Farrell-Jones conjecture for some general linear group April 2013 Bonn
Obstructions to Stably Fibering Manifolds July 2010 Münster
Proper actions, nonlinearity and homotopy theory January 2010 Münster
L²-invariants, simplical volume and measure theory September 2007 Münster
Äquivariante Chern Charaktere für total unzusammenhängende Gruppen January 2007 Münster
The classifying space of the family of virtually cyclic subgroups January 2007 Münster
Algebraic L-theory and triangular Witt groups July 2006 Münster
The behaviour of Nil-groups under localization November 2005 Münster
L²-Betti numbers of R-spaces and integral foliated simplicial volume June 2005 Münster
The universal functorial equivariant Lefschetz invariant June 2005 Münster
Invariance properties of L²-Betti numbers and Novikov-Shubin invariants under orbit equivalence and quasi-isometry January 2003 Münster
Equivariant homology theories for totally disconnected groups December 2002 Münster
L²-invariants of finite aspherical CW-complexes with fundamental group containing a non-trivial elementary amenable normal subgroup December 2001 Münster
Klassifizierende Räume einer Familie von Untergruppen einer topologischen Gruppe May 2000 Münster
K- and L-theory of certain discrete groups September 1999 Münster
Group von Neumann algebras and related algebras January 1999 Göttingen
Simpliziales Volumen und L²-Invarianten bei asphärischen Mannigfaltigkeiten July 1998 Mainz
Analysis on \partial-manifolds of bounded geometry, Hodge-deRham isomorphism and L²-index theorem September 1996 Mainz

List of finished Habilitations
Fabian Hebestreit March 2022 Bonn
Daniel Kasprowski July 2020 Bonn
Roman Sauer July 2009 Münster
Tillman Bauer July 2008 Münster
Arthur Bartels June 2005 Münster
Holger Reich June 2005 Münster
Michael Joachim July 2003 Münster
Thomas Schick July 2000 Münster

Direct Descendants
Noe Barcenas Torres Morelia (Mexico)
Markus Land LMU München
Clara Löh Regensburg
David Meintrup Ingoldstadt
Holger Reich FU Berlin
Roman Sauer Karlsruhe
Thomas Schick Göttingen
Wolfgang Steimle University of Augsburg
Marco Varisco University at Albany, New York