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Mathematics of Signal Processing

Hausdorff Trimester Program

January 4 - April 22, 2016

Organizers: Massimo Fornasier, Mauro Maggioni, Holger Rauhut, Thomas Strohmer

Signal processing has been a constant source for interesting and challenging mathematical problems over the last decades, often leading to new ideas and directions in mathematics. Corresponding mathematical techniques draw from various areas including harmonic analysis, approximation theory, convex optimization, random matrix theory, numerical analysis and graph theory. The mathematical developments have led to significant impact for various practical signal processing applications. This trimester program aimed at bringing together leading experts in the field, exploring new directions and fostering international collaborations.

Topics of the program included compressive sensing, low rank matrix recovery, time-frequency analysis, frame theory, sampling, quantization, graphs in signal processing, high-dimensional signal processing and signal processing applications.

Focused activities: