Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2017a01 Gallistl, Dietmar; Peterseim, Daniel Numerical stochastic homogenization by quasilocal effective diffusion tensors 1702.08858 MR4001477
2017a02 Carstensen, Carsten; Gallistl, Dietmar; Gedicke, Joscha Residual-based a posteriori error analysis for symmetric mixed Arnold-Winther FEM 1705.08851 MR3941930
2017a03 Chung, Eric T.; Efendiev, Yalchin; Leung, Wing Tat Constraint energy minimizing generalized multiscale finite element method 1704.03193 MR3813941
2017a04 Gallistl, Dietmar; Henning, Patrick; Verfürth, Barbara Numerical homogenization of H(curl)-problems 1706.02966 MR3810505
2017a05 Bartels, Sören; Buttazzo, Giuseppe Numerical solution of a nonlinear eigenvalue problem arising in optimal insulation 1708.03762 MR3951575
2017a06 Nochetto, Ricardo H.; Ntogkas, Dimitrios; Zhang, Wujun Two-scale method for the Monge-Ampère equation: convergence to the viscosity solution 1706.06193 MR3882279
2017a07 Nochetto, Ricardo H.; Ntogkas, Dimitrios; Zhang, Wujun Two-scale method for the Monge-Ampère equation: pointwise error estimates 1706.09113 MR3984051
2017a08 Nochetto, Ricardo H.; Walker, Shawn W.; Zhang, Wujun The Ericksen model of liquid crystals with colloidal and electric effects 1708.00925 MR3717151
2017a09 Hutridurga, H.; Venkataraman, C. Heterogeneity and strong competition in ecology 1710.06116 MR3977345
2017a10 Schmuck, M.; Pavliotis, G.A.; Kalliadasis, S. Recent advances in the evolution of interfaces: thermodynamics, upscaling, and universality 1804.09228  
2017a11 Alaeian, H.; Schedensack, M.; Bartels, C.; Peterseim, Daniel; Weitz, M. Thermo-optical interactions in a dye-microcavity photon Bose-Einstein condensate 1710.01706 appeared in New J. Phys.
2017a12 Altmann, Robert; Chung, Eric; Maier, Roland; Peterseim, Daniel; Pun, Sai-Mang Computational multiscale methods for linear heterogeneous poroelasticity 1801.00615  
2017a13 Altmann, Robert; Henning, Patrick; Peterseim, Daniel Quantitative Anderson localization of Schrödinger eigenstates under disorder potentials 1803.09950  
2017a14 Barrenechea, G. R.; González, C. A stabilized finite element method for a fictitious domain problem allowing small inclusions   MR3734699
2017a15 Bartels, Sören; Diening, Lars; Nochetto, Ricardo H. Unconditional stability of semi-implicit discretizations of singular flows 1712.03260 MR3819161
2017a16 Boiveau, Thomas; Ehrlacher, Virginie; Ern, Alexandre; Nouy, Anthony Low-rank approximation of linear parabolic equations by space-time tensor Galerkin methods 1712.07256 MR3945578
2017a17 Brenner, Susanne C.; Gedicke, Joscha; Sung, Li-yeng C0 Interior Penalty Methods for an Elliptic Distributed Optimal Control Problem on Nonconvex Polygonal Domains with Pointwise State Constraints   MR3817765
2017a18 Brown, Donald L.; Gedicke, Joscha Upscaling Singular Sources in Weighted Sobolev Spaces by Sub-Grid Corrections 1802.02460  
2017a19 Brown, Donald L.; Gedicke, Joscha; Peterseim, Daniel Numerical Homogenization of Heterogeneous Fractional Laplacians 1709.00730 MR3846285
2017a20 Carstensen, Carsten; Bringmann, Philipp; Hellwig, Friederike; Wriggers, Peter Nonlinear discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin methods 1710.00529 MR3814605
2017a21 Chung, Eric; Efendiev, Yalchin; Leung, Wing Tat Constraint energy minimizing generalized multiscale finite element method in the mixed formulation 1705.05959 MR3803871
2017a22 Diehl, P.; Lipton, R.; Schweitzer, M. A. Numerical verification of a bond-based softening peridynamic model for small displacements: Deducing material parameters from classical linear theory   appeared in Technical report, Institut für Numerische Simulation
2017a23 Du, Q.; Tao, Y.; Tian, X.; Yang, J. Asymptotically compatible discretization of multidimensional nonlocal diffusion models and approximation of nonlocal Greens functions   MR3941879
2017a24 Gallistl, Dietmar Numerical approximation of planar oblique derivative problems in nondivergence form   MR3904140
2017a25 Gallistl, Dietmar; Peterseim, Daniel Computation of quasi-local effective diffusion tensors and connections to the mathematical theory of homogenization   MR3719005
2017a26 Graham, I. G.; Sauter, S. A. Stability and error analysis for the Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients 1803.00966  
2017a27 Graham, I. G.; Spence, E. A.; Zou, J. Domain Decomposition with local impedance conditions for the Helmholtz equation 1806.03731  
2017a28 Henning, Patrick; Peterseim, Daniel Cranknicolson galerkin approximations to nonlinear schrdinger equations with rough potentials   appeared in Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
2017a29 Hu, Jun ; Schedensack, Mira Two low-order nonconforming finite element methods for the Stokes flow in three dimensions 1710.06682 MR3984063
2017a30 Jensen, Max; Målqvist, Axel; Persson, Anna Finite element convergence for the time-dependent Joule heating problem with mixed boundary conditions 1801.10105  
2017a31 Jha, Prashant K.; Lipton, Robert Numerical analysis of nonlocal fracture models in Hölder space 1701.02818 MR3784114
2017a32 Jha, Prashant K.; Lipton, Robert Numerical convergence of nonlinear nonlocal continuum models to local elastodynamics 1707.00398 MR3817890
2017a33 Maier, Roland; Peterseim, Daniel Explicit Computational Wave Propagation in Micro-Heterogeneous Media 1803.07898 MR3974048
2017a34 Peterseim, Daniel; Schedensack, Mira Relaxing the CFL condition for the wave equation on adaptive meshes 1601.04812 MR3687898
2017a35 Sauter, Stefan; Torres, Celine Stability estimate for the Helmholtz equation with rapidly jumping coefficients 1711.05430 MR3864702
2017a36 Yang, Yunan; Engquist, Björn Analysis of optimal transport and related misfit functions in full-waveform inversion   appeared in Geophysics