Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2012b01 Blesgen, Thomas; Schlömerkemper, Anja On the Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard system with a geometrically linear elastic energy 1202.5197 MR3180451
2012b02 Blesgen, Thomas Deformation patterning in Cosserat plasticity 1208.3331 appeared in Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 21(3), 2013
2012b03 Jansen, Sabine; Kurt, Noemi Graphical representation of certain moment dualities and application to population models with balancing selection 1207.6056 MR3033597
2012b04 Jansen, Sabine Continuum percolation for Gibbsian point processes with attractive interactions 1208.1223 MR3539641
2012b05 Fritz, József Remarks on hyperbolic scaling limits pdf  
2012b06 Aghaei, Amin; Dayal, Kaushik; Elliott, Ryan S. Symmetry-adapted phonon analysis of nanotubes 1209.1593 appeared in J. Mech. Phys. Solids. 61, 557-578 (2013)
2012b07 Aghaei, Amin; Dayal, Kaushik Tension and twist of chiral nanotubes: torsional buckling, mechanical response and indicators of failure   appeared in Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 20(8), 2012
2012b08 Rosakis, Phoebus Continuum surface energy from a lattice model 1201.0712 MR3268168
2012b09 De Nittis, Giuseppe; Lein, Max The perturbed Maxwell operator as pseudodifferential operator 1302.1956 MR3178254
2012b10 De Nittis, Giuseppe; Lein, Max Topological polarization in graphene-like systems 1304.7478 MR3105600
2012b11 Chen, Joe P.; Ugurcan, Baris Evren Entropic repulsion of Gaussian free field on high-dimensional Sierpinski carpet graphs 1307.5825 MR3406598
2012b12 De Nittis, Giuseppe; Lein, Max Effective light dynamics in perturbed photonic crystals 1307.1642 MR3253703
2012b13 Heinz, Sebastian On the structure of the quasiconvex hull in planar elasticity   MR3216821
2012b14 Kotecký, Roman; Luckhaus, Stephan Nonlinear elastic free energies and gradient Young-Gibbs measures 1206.6009 MR3173410
2012b15 Jansen, Sabine; Tate, Stephen J.; Tsagkarogiannis, Dimitrios; Ueltschi, Daniel Multispecies virial expansions 1304.2199 MR3223488
2012b16 Backofen, Rainer; Barmak, Katayun; Elder, Ken; Voigt, Axel Grain growth beyond the Mullins model, capturing the complex physics behind universal grain size distributions 1304.4050  
2012b17 Espan͂ol, Malena I.; Kochmann, Dennis M.; Conti, Sergio; Ortiz, Michael A Γ-convergence analysis of the quasicontinuum method   MR3084164
2012b18 Reina, Celia; Conti, Sergio Kinematic description of crystal plasticity in the finite kinematic framework: a micromechanical understanding of F = FeFp 1312.2904 MR3198898
2012b19 Adams, Stefan; Kotecký, Roman; Müller, Stefan Strict convexity of the surface tension for non-convex potentials 1606.09541  
2012b20 Bru, Jean-Bernard; de Siqueira Pedra, Walter; Hertling, Carolin Heat production of noninteracting fermions subjected to electric fields 1611.07706 MR3340378
2012b21 Bru, Jean-Bernard; de Siqueira Pedra, Walter; Hertling, Carolin Microscopic conductivity of lattice fermions at equilibrium. I. Non-interacting particles 1611.07730 MR3390985
2012b22 Buttà, Paolo; Esposito, Raffaele; Giuliani, Alessandro; Marra, Rossana Froth-like minimizers of a non local free energy functional with competing interactions 1206.3846 MR3077926
2012b23 Benedikter, Niels; de Oliveira, Gustavo; Schlein, Benjamin Quantitative derivation of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation 1208.0373 MR3366749
2012b24 Benedikter, Niels; Porta, Marcello; Schlein, Benjamin Mean-field dynamics of fermions with relativistic dispersion 1311.6270 MR3202863
2012b25 Benedikter, Niels; Porta, Marcello; Schlein, Benjamin Mean-field evolution of fermionic systems 1305.2768 MR3248060
2012b26 Chen, Xian; Srivastava, Vijay; Dabade, Vivekanand; James, Richard D. Study of the cofactor conditions: conditions of supercompatibility between phases 1307.5930 MR3111578
2012b27 Conti, Sergio; Garroni, Adriana; Massaccesi, Annalisa Modeling of dislocations and relaxation of functionals on 1-currents with discrete multiplicity 1409.6084 MR3396435
2012b28 Fokoua, Landry; Conti, Sergio; Ortiz, Michael Optimal scaling in solids undergoing ductile fracture by void sheet formation   MR3162480
2012b29 Fokoua, Landry; Conti, Sergio; Ortiz, Michael Optimal scaling laws for ductile fracture derived from strain-gradient microplasticity   MR3131820
2012b30 Frank, Rupert L.; Schlein, Benjamin Dynamics of a strongly coupled polaron 1311.5814 MR3227699
2012b31 Song, Yintao; Chen, Xian; Dabade, Vivekanand; Shield, Thomas W.; James, Richard D. Enhanced reversibility and unusual microstructure of a phase-transforming material   appeared in Nature 502 (2013), 85-88
2012b32 Banerjee, Amartya S.; Elliott, Ryan S.; James, Richard D. A spectral scheme for Kohn-Sham density functional theory of clusters 1404.3773 MR3319410
2012b33 Bru, Jean-Bernard; de Siqueira Pedra, Walter; Hertling, Carolin Macroscopic conductivity of free fermions in disordered media 1611.09027 MR3216213
2012b34 Bru, Jean-Bernard; de Siqueira Pedra, Walter; Hertling, Carolin AC-conductivity measure from heat production of free fermions in disordered media 1611.07740 MR3461355
2012b35 Aghaei, Amin; Dayal, Kaushik; Elliott, Ryan S. Anomalous phonon behavior of carbon nanotubes: first-order influence of external load 1210.1129  
2012b36 Marshall, Jason; Dayal, Kaushik Atomistic-to-continuum multiscale modeling with long-range electrostatic interactions in ionic solids 1310.2500 MR3131812
2012b37 Luckhaus, Stephan; Wohlgemuth, Jens Study of a model for reference-free plasticity 1408.1355  
2012b38 Wilkinson, Mark Strictly physical global weak solutions of a Navier-Stokes Q-tensor system with singular potential 1211.6083 MR3360743
2012b39 Jansen, Sabine; Kurt, Noemi On the notion(s) of duality for Markov processes 1210.7193 MR3201861