Prerecorded Videos

Surrounding live streamed talks, part of the trimester program will be prerecorded 10 min talks, where participants present their research work in a condensed form. The videos are collected on this webpage during the whole program and there will be organized live discussions (via zoom) for every single talk. All participants are invited to meet the speakers for live discussions of their contributions. The schedule for the live discussions will be announced due time. If you are interested in contributing a prerecorded talk, please contact Christoph Thäle for content-related questions and Stefan Hartmann for technical questions.

Florian Besau, Daniel Rosen, Christoph Thäle:
Random convex hulls in non-Euclidean geometries

Nicola Turchi:
Phase transition for the volume of high-dimensional random polytopes

Gilles Bonnet:
High Dimensional Random Polytopes

Stanislav Nagy:
The halfspace depth characterization problem

Anna Gusakova:
Simplicial random tessellations - Geometry of typical cells

Yair Shenfeld:
The Extremals of the Alexandrov-Fenchel Inequality for Convex Polytopes

María A. Hernández Cifre:
New properties of the Wills functional (I)

Jesús Yepes Nicolás:
New properties of the Wills functional (II)

Kasia Wyczesany:
A counterexample to a strengthening of a question of V. Milman