Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2015b01 Ayala, David; Francis, John; Rozenblyum, Nick Factorization homology from higher categories 1504.04007  
2015b02 Grady, Ryan E.; Li, Qin; Li, Si Batalin–Vilkovisky quantization and the algebraic index 1507.01812 MR3682678
2015b03 Blumberg, Andrew J.; Mandell, Michael A. Tate-Poitou duality and the fiber of the cyclotomic trace for the sphere spectrum 1508.00014  
2015b04 Arone, Gregory A branching rule for partition complexes 1508.05086  
2015b05 Hesselholt, Lars Periodic topological cyclic homology and the Hasse-Weil zeta function 1602.01980  
2015b06 Grady, Ryan E. Parametrized L-infinity spaces 1603.06930  
2015b07 Grady, Ryan E.; Gwilliam, Owen Lie algebroids as L spaces 1604.00711 MR4079151
2015b08 Park, Byungdo Geometric models of twisted differential K-theory I 1602.02292 MR3769368
2015b09 Greenless, John P.C. Rational equivariant cohomology theories with toral support 1501.03425 MR3546456
2015b10 Greenless, John P.C. Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy III: comparison of models 1410.5464 MR3506470
2015b11 Barnes, David; Greenless, John P.C.; Kedziorek, Magdalena; Shipley, Brooke Rational SO(2)-equivariant spectra 1511.03291 MR3623679
2015b12 Greenless, John P.C.; Meier, Lennart Gorenstein duality for real spectra 1607.02332 MR3709655
2015b13 Greenless, John P.C.; Stojanoska, Vesna Local and global duality in chromatic homotopy theory in preparation  
2015b14 Barnes, David; Greenless, John P.C.; Kedziorek, Magdalena Algebraic models for rational toral spectra   MR4045360
2015b15 Clausen, Dustin; Mathew, Akhil; Naumann, Niko; Noel, Justin Descent in algebraic K-theory and a conjecture of Ausoni-Rognes 1606.03328 MR4071324
2015b16 Antieau, Benjamin; Meier, Lennart The Brauer group of the moduli stack of elliptic curves 1608.00851 MR4172709
2015b17 Caviglia, Giovanni; Horel, Geoffroy Rigidification of higher categorical structures 1511.01119 MR3584266
2015b18 Dundas, Bjørn Ian; Lindenstrauss, Ayelet; Richter, Birgit Towards an understanding of ramified extensions of structured ring spectra 1604.05857 MR4092228
2015b19 Gwilliam, Owen; Pavlov, Dmitri Enhancing the filtered derived category 1602.01515 MR3806745
2015b20 Gannon, Terry; Morrison, Scott Modular data for the extended Haagerup subfactor 1606.07165 MR3719545
2015b21 Tanaka, Hiro Lee The Fukaya category pairs with Lagrangian cobordisms 1607.04976  
2015b22 Tanaka, Hiro Lee The Fukaya category pairs with Lagrangian cobordisms exactly 1609.08400  
2015b23 Gwilliam, Owen; Haugseng, Rune Linear Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization as a functor of ∞-categories 1608.01290  
2015b24 Galatius, Soren; Grigoriev, Ilya; Randal-Williams, Oscar Tautological rings for high dimensional manifolds 1511.06445 MR3705243
2015b25 Lück, Wolfgang; Reich, Holger; Rognes, John; Varisco, Marco Assembly maps for topological cyclic homology of group algebras 1607.03557 MR4015233
2015b26 Wilson, Dylan Orientations and topological modular forms with level structure 1507.05116  
2015b27 Riehl, Emily; Verity, Dominic Fibrations and Yoneda's lemma in an ∞-cosmos 1506.05500 MR3556697
2015b28 Riehl, Emily; Verity, Dominic Kan extensions and the calculus of modules for ∞-categories 1507.01460 MR3604377
2015b29 Riehl, Emily; Verity, Dominic Infinity category theory from scratch 1608.05314 MR4074275
2015b30 Knudsen, Ben Betti numbers and stability for configuration spaces via factorization homology 1405.6696 MR3704255
2015b31 Knudsen, Ben Higher enveloping algebras 1605.01391 MR3890770
2015b32 Drummond-Cole, Gabriel C.; Knudsen, Ben Betti numbers of configuration spaces of surfaces 1608.07490 MR3708955
2015b33 Waldorf, Konrad A global perspective to connections on principal 2-bundles 1608.00401 MR3894086
2015b34 Redden, Corbett Differential Borel equivariant cohomology via connections 1602.06921 MR3649665
2015b35 Bartels, Arthur; Bestvina, Mladen The Farrell-Jones conjecture for mapping class groups 1606.02844 MR3910072
2015b36 Bobkova, Irina; Goerss, Paul G. Topological resolutions in K(2)-local homotopy theory at the prime 2 1610.00158 MR3989433
2015b37 Mathew, Akhil; Naumann, Niko; Noel, Justin Nilpotence and descent in equivariant stable homotopy theory 1507.06869 MR3570153
2015b38 Mathew, Akhil; Naumann, Niko; Noel, Justin Derived induction and restriction theory 1507.06867 MR3989433
2015b39 Heard, Drew; Mathew, Akhil; Stojanoska, Vesna Picard groups of higher real K-theory spectra at height p-1 1511.08064 MR3705278
2015b40 Mathew, Akhil Torus actions on stable module categories, Picard groups, and localizing subcategories 1512.01716  
2015b41 Laures, Gerd; Olbermann, Martin TMF0(3)-characteristic classes for string bundles 1403.7301 MR3448393
2015b42 Baas, Nils A.; Laures, Gerd Singularities and Quinn spectra 1304.3593 MR3624098
2015b43 Randal-Williams, Oscar; Wahl, Nathalie Homological stability for automorphism groups 1409.3541 MR3689750
2015b44 Antieau, Benjamin; Gepner, David; Heller, Jeremiah On the theorem of the heart in negative K-theory 1610.07207  
2015b45 Ungheretti, Massimiliano Free loop space and the cyclic bar construction 1602.09035 MR3653104
2015b46 Ungheretti, Massimiliano Free loop spaces and dihedral homology 1608.08140  
2015b47 Szymik, Markus; Wahl, Nathalie The homology of the Higman–Thompson groups 1411.5035 MR3953508
2015b48 Neumann, Frank; Szymik, Markus Spectral sequences for Hochschild cohomology and graded centers of derived categories 1603.09641 MR3663600
2015b49 Szymik, Markus The rational stable homology of mapping class groups of universal nil-manifolds 1605.06508 MR3978326
2015b50 Szymik, Markus Permutations, power operations, and the center of the category of racks 1609.08687 MR3764859
2015b51 Szymik, Markus Alexander-Beck modules detect the unknot 1610.08306 MR3937918
2015b52 Blumberg, Andrew J.; Hill, Michael A. G-symmetric monoidal categories of modules over equivariant commutative ring spectra 1511.07363 MR3990819
2015b53 Blumberg, Andrew J.; Hill, Michael A. Incomplete Tambara functors 1603.03292 MR3773736
2015b54 Baker, Andrew E ring spectra and elements of Hopf invariant 1 1503.05902 MR3633133
2015b55 Beaudry, Agnes; Hess, Kathryn; Kedziorek, Magdalena; Merling, Mona; Stojanoska, Vesna Motivic homotopical Galois extensions 1611.00382 MR3760206
2015b56 Henriques, André; Penneys, David; Tener, James Categorified trace for module tensor categories over braided tensor categories 1509.02937 MR3578212
2015b57 Hill, Michael A.; Meier, Lennart The C2-spectrum Tmf1(3) and its invertible modules 1507.08115 MR3685599
2015b58 Tradler, Thomas; Wilson, Scott O.; Zeinalian, Mahmoud Differential K-theory as equivalence classes of maps to Grassmannians and unitary groups 1507.01770 MR3522131
2015b59 Shah, Shan H. Bicoloured torus loop groups 1704.02600  
2015b60 Ayala, David; Francis, John The cobordism hypothesis 1705.02240  
2015b61 Batanin, Michael; White, David Bousfield Localization and Eilenberg-Moore Categories 1606.01537  
2015b62 Beaudry, Agnes; Goerss, Paul G.; Henn, Hans-Werner Chromatic splitting for the K(2)-local sphere at p=1 1712.08182v2