Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2014b01 Ivanisvili, Paata; Stolyarov, Dmitriy M.; Zatitskiy, Pavel B. Bellman vs Beurling: sharp estimates of uniform convexity for Lp spaces 1405.6229 MR3444467
2014b02 Bernicot, Frédéric; Coulhon, Thierry; Frey, Dorothee Gaussian heat kernel bounds through elliptic Moser iteration 1407.3906 MR3565414
2014b03 Nguyen, Cong Phuc The Navier-Stokes equations in nonendpoint borderline Lorentz spaces 1407.5129 MR3412277
2014b04 Volberg, Alexander; Yuditskii, Peter Mean type of functions of bounded characteristic and Martin functions in Denjoy domains 1406.7737 MR3451940
2014b05 Treil, Sergei; Volberg, Alexander Entropy conditions in two weight inequalities for singular integral operators 1408.0385 MR3539383
2014b06 Ifrim, Mihaela; Tataru, Daniel The lifespan of small data solutions in two dimensional capillary water waves 1406.5471 MR3667289
2014b07 Bejenaru, Ioan; Herr, Sebastian On global well-posedness and scattering for the massive Dirac-Klein-Gordon system 1409.1778 MR3668064
2014b08 Müller, Paul F.X.; Müller, Stefan Interpolatory estimates, Riesz transforms and wavelet projections 1409.2143 MR3593517
2014b09 Lechner, Richard; Müller, Paul F.X. Localization and projections on bi-parameter BMO 1410.8786 MR3436171
2014b10 Ivanisvili, Paata; Volberg, Alexander Hessian of Bellman functions and uniqueness of Brascamp-Lieb inequality 1411.5349 MR3431655
2014b11 Ivanisvili, Paata; Osipov, Nikolay N.; Stolyarov, Dmitriy M.; Vasyunin, Vasily I.; Zatitskiy, Pavel B. Sharp estimates of integral functionals on classes of functions with small mean oscillation 1412.4749 MR3427912
2014b12 Kim, Jongchon A characterization of maximal operators associated with radial Fourier multipliers 1501.07669 MR3589308
2014b13 Killip, Rowan; Oh, Tadahiro; Pocovnicu, Oana; Visan, Monica Solitons and scattering for the cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on ℝ3 1409.6734 MR3634031
2014b14 Oh, Tadahiro Global existence for the defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equations with limit periodic initial data 1502.02258 MR3359534
2014b15 Bényi, Árpád; Oh, Tadahiro Linear and bilinear T(b) theorems à la Stein 1502.02260 MR3406428
2014b16 Bejenaru, Ioan; Guo, Zihua; Herr, Sebastian; Nakanishi, Kenji Well-posedness and scattering for the Zakharov system in four dimensions 1504.01073 MR3441212
2014b17 Krause, Ben; Zorin-Kranich, Pavel Weighted and vector-valued variational estimates for ergodic averages 1409.7120 MR3742545
2014b18 Mirek, Mariusz; Trojan, Bartosz; Zorin-Kranich, Pavel Variational estimates for averages and truncated singular integrals along the prime numbers 1410.3255 MR3646766
2014b19 Müller, Detlef; Seeger, Andreas Sharp Lp-bounds for the wave equation on groups of Heisenberg type 1408.3051 MR3393673
2014b20 Seeger, Andreas; Ullrich, Tino Haar projection numbers and failure of unconditional convergence in Sobolev spaces 1507.01211 MR3598805
2014b21 Killip, Rowan; Visan, Monica Scale invariant Strichartz estimates on tori and applications 1409.3603 MR3512894
2014b22 Killip, Rowan; Murphy, Jason; Visan, Monica The final-state problem for the cubic-quintic NLS with nonvanishing boundary conditions 1506.06151 MR3570231
2014b23 Ivanisvili, Paata; Volberg, Alexander Bellman partial differential equation and the hill property for classical isoperimetric problems 1506.03409
2014b24 Hong, Younghun; Taliaferro, Kenneth; Xie, Zhihui Uniqueness of solutions to the 3D quintic Gross-Pitaevskii hierarchy 1410.6961 MR3419755
2014b25 Lacey, Michael T. An elementary proof of the A2 bound 1501.05818 MR3625108
2014b26 Lacey, Michael T.; Spencer, Scott On entropy bumps for Calderón-Zygmund operators 1504.02888 MR3357767
2014b27 Eisner, Tanja; Krause, Ben (Uniform) convergence of twisted ergodic averages 1407.4736 MR3568976
2014b28 Donninger, Roland; Schörkhuber, Birgit On blowup in supercritical wave equations 1411.7905 MR3537340
2014b29 Donninger, Roland; Schörkhuber, Birgit Stable blowup for wave equations in odd space dimensions 1504.00808 MR3742520
2014b30 Stolyarov, Dmitriy M.; Zatitskiy, Pavel B. Theory of locally concave functions and its applications to sharp estimates of integral functionals 1412.5350 MR3459018
2014b31 Dat, Cao Tien; Verbitsky, Igor Nonlinear elliptic equations and intrinsic potentials of Wolff type 1409.4076 MR3567503
2014b32 Gonçalves, Felipe Interpolation formulas with derivatives in de Branges spaces 1503.05178 MR3572255
2014b33 Frey, Dorothee; McIntosh, Alan; Portal, Pierre Conical square function estimates and functional calculi for perturbed Hodge-Dirac operators in Lp 1407.4774  
2014b34 Portal, Pierre; van Neerven, Jan Finite speed of propagation and off-diagonal bounds for Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators in infinite dimensions 1507.02082 MR3558313
2014b35 Borthwick, David; Marzuola, Jeremy L. Dispersive estimates for scalar and matrix Schrödinger operators on ℍn+1 1410.8829 MR3376154
2014b36 Buschenhenke, Stefan; Müller, Detlef; Vargas, Ana A Fourier restriction theorem for a two-dimensional surface of finite type 1508.00791 MR3649369
2014b37 Harrop-Griffiths, Benjamin; Ifrim, Mihaela; Tataru, Daniel The lifespan of small data solutions to the KP-I 1409.4487 MR3632096
2014b38 Laustsen, Niels Jakob; Lechner, Richard; Müller, Paul F.X. Factorization of the identity through operators with large diagonal 1509.03141 MR3861733
2014b39 D'Ancona, Piero; Cassano, Biagio Scattering in the energy space for the NLS with variable coefficients 1502.00937 MR3552248
2014b40 Harrop-Griffiths, Benjamin Long time behavior of solutions to the mKdV 1407.1406 MR3462131
2014b41 Koch, Herbert; Tataru, Daniel Conserved energies for the cubic NLS in 1-d 1607.02534  
2014b42 Mirek, Mariusz; Stein, Elias M.; Trojan, Bartosz Lp(Zd)-estimates for discrete operators of Radon type: maximal functions and vector-valued estimates 1512.07518  
2014b43 Seeger, Andreas; Ullrich, Tino Lower bounds for Haar projections: deterministic examples 1511.01470 MR3691227
2014b44 Chen, Xi Resolvent and spectral measure on non-trapping asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds III: global-in-time Strichartz estimates without loss 1504.02375 MR3778653
2014b45 Hughes, Kevin; Krause, Ben; Trojan, Bartosz The maximal function and conditional square function control the variation: an elementary proof 1408.1213 MR3503727
2014b46 Feehan, Paul M.N. Global existence and convergence of solutions to gradient systems and applications to Yang-Mills gradient flow 1409.1525  
2014b47 Krause, Ben; Zorin-Kranich, Pavel A random pointwise ergodic theorem with Hardy field weights 1410.0806 MR3554227
2014b48 Wang, Xuecheng Global infinite energy solutions for the 2d gravity water waves system 1502.00687 MR3730012
2014b49 Ivanisvili, Paata; Volberg, Alexander Isoperimetric functional inequalities via the maximum principle: the exterior differential systems approach 1511.06895 MR3792101
2014b50 Ivanisvili, Paata; Volberg, Alexander Poincaré inequality 3/2 on the Hamming cube 1608.04021 MR4061983
2014b51 Thiele, Christoph; Treil, Sergei; Volberg, Alexander Weighted martingale multipliers in the non-homogeneous setting and outer measure spaces 1411.5345 MR3406523
2014b52 Dodson, Benjamin Global well-posedness and scattering for the focusing, energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger problem in dimension d=4 for initial data below a ground state threshold 1409.1950  
2014b53 Oliveira e Silva, Diogo; Thiele, Christoph Estimates for certain integrals of products of six Bessel functions 1509.06309 MR3729605
2014b54 Carneiro, Emanuel; Oliveira e Silva, Diogo; Sousa, Mateus Extremizers for Fourier restriction on hyperboloids 1708.03826 MR3913191