Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2008b01 Abbaspour, Hossein; Chataur, David On the homology of the space of singular knots 0901.0263 MR3079200
2008b02 Abbaspour, Hossein; Tradler, Thomas; Zeinalian, Mahmoud Algebraic string bracket as a Poisson bracket 0807.2351 MR2670967
2008b03 Carey, Alan; Potapov, Denis; Sukochev, Fedor Spectral flow is the integral of one forms on the Banach manifold of self adjoint Fredholm operators 0807.2129 MR2555913
2008b04 Carey, Alan L.; Wang, Bai-Ling Riemann-Roch and index formulae in twisted K-theory 0909.4848 MR2681760
2008b05 Cohn, Henry; Elkies, Noam D.; Kumar, Abhinav; Schürmann, Achill Point configurations that are asymmetric yet balanced 0812.2579 MR2644899
2008b06 Fathi Zadeh, Farzad; Khalkhali, Masoud The algebra of formal twisted pseudodifferential symbols and a noncommutative residue 0810.0484 MR2720254
2008b07 Feigin, Evgeny The PBW filtration, Demazure modules and toroidal current algebras 0806.4851 MR2470526
2008b08 Gálvez, I.; Gorbounov, V.; Tonks, A. Homotopy Gerstenhaber structures and vertex algebras math/0611231 MR2586715
2008b09 Gorbounov, Vassily; Schechtman, Vadim Homological algebra and divergent series 0712.3670 MR2506178
2008b10 Jarvis, Tyler J.; Kimura, Takashi A representation-valued relative Riemann-Hurwitz theorem and the Hurwitz-Hodge bundle 0810.2488  
2008b11 Khalkhali, Masoud; Pourkia, Arash Hopf cyclic cohomology in braided monoidal categories 0807.3890 MR2607413
2008b12 Khalkhali, Masoud; Landi, Giovanni; van Suijlekom, Walter D. Holomorphic structures on the quantum projective line 0907.0154 MR2773332
2008b13 Kong, Liang; Runkel, Ingo Cardy algebras and sewing constraints. I 0807.3356 MR2551797
2008b14 Krishna, Amalendu; Park, Jinhyun Moving lemma for additive Chow groups 0909.3155 MR2950155
2008b15 Lesch, Matthias; Moscovici, Henri; Pflaum, Markus J. Connes-Chern character for manifolds with boundary and eta cochains 0912.0194 MR3025890
2008b16 Sachse, Christoph; Wockel, Christoph The diffeomorphism supergroup of a finite-dimensional supermanifold 0904.2726 MR2924232
2008b17 Sati, Hisham OP2 bundles in M-theory 0807.4899 MR2591881
2008b18 Sati, Hisham Anomalies of E8 gauge theory on string manifolds 0807.4940 MR2803340
2008b19 van Suijlekom, Walter D. The structure of renormalization Hopf algebras for gauge theories I: Representing Feynman graphs on BV-algebras 0807.0999 MR2520515
2008b20 Wockel, Christoph Principal 2-bundles and their gauge 2-groups 0803.3692 MR2805195
2008b21 Vignes-Tourneret, Fabien The multivariate signed Bollobás-Riordan polynomial 0811.1584 MR2552629
2008b22 Paycha, Sylvie Divergent multiple sums and integrals with constraints: a comparative study - MR2839055
2008b23 Khalkhali, Masoud; Pourkia, Arash A super version of the Connes-Moscovici Hopf algebra 1011.2550 MR2815135
2008b24 Freed, Daniel S.; Hopkins, Michael J.; Lurie, Jacob; Teleman, Constantin Topological quantum field theories from compact Lie groups 0905.0731 MR2648901
2008b25 Spera, Mauro; Wurzbacher, Tilmann Good coverings for section spaces of fibre bundles - MR2593719
2008b26 Lesch, Matthias Pseudodifferential operators and regularized traces 0901.1689 MR2762524
2008b27 Heydarpour, Majid The Green's functions of the boundaries at infinity of the hyperbolic 3-manifolds 0912.1731 MR2888988
2008b28 Benameur, Moulay-Tahar; Carey, Alan L. Higher spectral flow and an entire bivariant JLO cocycle 1108.4528 MR3034288