Evolution of Interfaces

Trimester Program

January 3 - April 26, 2019

Organizers: László Székelyhidi, Georg Weiss

Interfaces arising as phase boundaries are ubiquitous in nature and are a rich source of mathematical problems. A major challenge is presented by the formation of singularities and in this respect phase-field approximations have played a key role in identifying selection principles and obtaining a well-defined evolution past singularities in the sharp interface limit. The purpose of the trimester program is to explore such problems, building on recent progress in higher co-dimensional minimal surface theory, the analysis of singularities in free boundary problems and on the discovery of h-principle phenomena induced by fluid instabilities.

The program will include a Winter School addressed to PhD students and postdocs and 2 major workshops:

  • Winter School on Interfaces in Geometry and Fluids
    (January 7-11)
  • Workshop on Geometric Measure Theory and Free Boundary Problems (February 11-15)
  • Workshop on Interfaces and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics
    (March 18-21)

Those planning to participate include:
John Andersson, Giovanni Alberti, Claude Bardos, Yann Brenier, Sagun Chanillo, Peter Constantin, Diego Cordoba, Daniel Faraco, Alessio Figalli, Camillo De Lellis, Stephan Luckhaus, Siddhartha Mishra , Felix Otto, Henrik Shahgholian, Steve Skholler, Yoshihiro Tonegawa, Tatiana Toro, Eugen Varvaruca

The application has been closed.