Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2020a01 Bandtlow, Oscar; Pohl, Anke; Schick, Torben; Weiße, Alexander Numerical resonances for Schottky surfaces via Lagrange-Chebyshev approximation   Stochastics and Dynamics
2020a02 Fairchild, Samantha; Goering, Max; Weiß, Christian Families of well approximable measures 2003.13122  
2020a03 Prohaska, Roland Aspects of Convergence of Random Walks on Finite Volume Homogeneous Spaces 1910.11639  
2020a04 Costantini, Matteo; Möller, Martin; Zachhuber, Jonathan The Chern classes and the Euler characteristic of the moduli spaces of abelian differentials 2006.12803  
2020a05 Costantini, Matteo; Möller, Martin; Zachhuber, Jonathan diffstrata -- a Sage package for calculations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of Abelian differentials 2006.12815  
2020a06 Arana-Herrera, Francisco Effective lattice point count on Teichmüller space 2010.03123  
2020a07 Aka, Menny; Luethi, Manuel; Michel, Philippe; Wieser, Andreas Simultaneous supersingular reductions of CM elliptic curves 2005.01537  
2020a08 Dajani, Karma; Kalle, Charlene Textbook: A First Course in Ergodic Theory, First Edition   To appear, Chapman and Hall/CRC, ISBN 9780367226206
2020a09 Khalil, Osama; Luethi, Manuel Random Walks, Spectral Gaps, and Khintchine's Theorem on Fractals 2101.05797  
2020a10 Quackenbush, Blaine; Samuel, Tony; West, Matt Periodic Intermediate β-Expansions of Pisot Numbers   Mathematics 2020
2020a11 Einsiedler, Manfred; Lindenstrauss, Elon Rigidity properties for commuting automorphisms on tori and solenoids 2101.11120  
2020a12 Bell, Mark; Delecroix, Vincent; Gadre, Vaibhav; Gutiérrez-Romo, Rodolfo; Schleimer, Saul The flow group of rooted abelian or quadratic differentials 2101.12197  
2020a13 Delecroix, Vincent; Schmitt, Johannes; Van Zelm, Jason Admcycles - a Sage package for calculations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of stable curves 2002.01709  
2020a14 Delecroix, Vincent; Goujard, Elise; Zograf, Peter; Zorich, Anton Large genus asymptotic geometry of random square-tiled surfaces and of random multicurves 2007.04740  
2020a15 Delecroix, Vincent; Goujard, Elise; Zograf, Peter; Zorich, Anton Masur–Veech volumes, frequencies of simple closed geodesics and intersection numbers of moduli spaces 2011.05306 to appear in Duke Math. Journal
2020a16 Doll, Moritz; Fedosova, Kensia; Pohl, Anke Counting Resonances on Hyperbolic Surfaces with Unitary Twists 2109.12923  
2020a17 Fedosova, Ksenia; Pohl, Anke; Rowlett, Julie Fourier expansions of vector-valued automorphic functions with non-unitary twists 2201.04454  
2020a18 Pohl, Anke; Wabnitz, Paul Selberg zeta functions, cuspidal accelerations, and existence of strict transfer operator approaches 2209.05927  
2020a19 Wabnitz, Paul Strict transfer operator approaches for non-compact hyperbolic orbisurfaces 2209.06601  
2020a20 Mourgoglou, Mihalis; Poggi, Bruno; Tolsa, Xavier Lp-solvability of the Poisson-Dirichlet problem and its applications to the regularity problem 2207.10554