Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2019c01 Meshkova, Yulia Note on quantitative homogenization results for parabolic systems in $R^d$ 1912.12547  
2019c02 Brooks, Morris; Di Gesù, Giacomo Sharp Tunneling Estimates for a Double-Well Model in Infinite Dimension 1911.03187  
2019c03 Bourguin, Solesne; Gailus, Siragan; Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos Discrete-time inference for slow-fast systems driven by fractional Brownian motion 2007.11665  
2019c04 Amedeo Bianchi, Luigi; Blömker, Dirk The impact of white noise on a supercritical bifurcation in the Swift-Hohenberg equation   Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (2021)
2019c05 Amedeo Bianchi, Luigi; Morandin, Francesco Linear Stochastic Dyadic model 2010.14341  
2019c06 Coghi, Michele; Maurelli, Mario Regularized vortex approximation for 2D Euler equations with transport noise   Stochastics and Dynamics (2020)
2019c07 Hanisch, Florian; Strohmaier, Alexander; Waters, Alden A relative trace formula for obstacle scattering 2002.07291  
2019c08 Strohmaier, Alexander; Waters, Alden Analytic properties of heat equation solutions and reachable sets 2006.05762  
2019c09 Agazzi, Andrea; Andreis, Luisa; Patterson, Robert I. A.; Renger, D. R. Michiel Large deviations for Markov jump processes with uniformly diminishing rates 2102.13040  
2019c10 Bruned, Yvain Renormalisation from non-geometric to geometric rough paths 2007.14385  
2019c11 Chandra, Ajay; Chevyrev, Ilya; Hairer, Martin; Shen, Hao Langevin dynamic for the 2D Yang-Mills measure 2006.04987  
2019c12 Cannizzaro, Giuseppe; Erhard, Dirk; Toninelli, Fabio The stationary AKPZ equation: logarithmic superdiffusivity 2007.12203  
2019c13 Chandra, Ajay; Gunaratnam, Trishen S.; Weber, Hendrik Phase transitions for φ^4_3 2006.15933  
2019c14 Cannizzaro, Giuseppe; Hairer, Martin The Brownian Castle 2010.02766  
2019c15 Cannizzaro, Giuseppe; Hairer, Martin The Brownian Web as a random R-tree 2102.04068  
2019c16 Chouk, Khalil; van Zuijlen, Willem Asymptotics of the eigenvalues of the Anderson Hamiltonian with white noise potential in two dimensions 1907.01352  
2019c17 Erhard, Dirk; Franco, Tertuliano; Reis, Guilherme The Directed Edge Reinforced Random Walk: The Ant Mill Phenomenon 1911.07295  
2019c18 Erhard, Dirk; Xu, Weijun Weak universality of Φ^4_3: polynomial potential and general smoothing mechanism 2005.05453  
2019c19 König, Wolfgang; Perkowski, Nicolas; van Zuijlen, Willem Longtime asymptotics of the two-dimensional parabolic Anderson model with white-noise potential 2009.11611  
2019c20 Oh, Tadahiro; Okamoto, Mamoru; Tolomeo, Leonardo Focusing Φ^4_3-model with a Hartree-type nonlinearity 2009.03251  
2019c21 Oh, Tadahiro; Seong, Kihoon; Tolomeo, Leonardo A remark on Gibbs measures with log-correlated Gaussian fields 2012.06729  
2019c22 Shen, Hao; Song, Jian; Sun, Rongfeng; Xu, Lihu Scaling limit of a directed polymer among a Poisson field of independent walks 2003.12945  
2019c23 Bourguin, Solesne; Gailus, Siragan; Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos Typical dynamics and fluctuation analysis of slow-fast systems driven by fractional Brownian motion 1906.02131  
2019c24 Dareiotis, Konstantinos; Gerencsér, Máté; Lê, Khoa Quantifying a convergence theorem of Gyöngy and Krylov 2101.12185  
2019c25 Friz, Peter K.; Hocquet, Antoine; Lê, Khoa Rough stochastic differential equations 2106.10340  
2019c26 Gussetti, Emanuela; Hocquet, Antoine A pathwise stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with application to large deviations 2103.00926  
2019c27 Hocquet, Antoine; Vogler, Alexander Optimal control of mean field equations with monotone coefficients and applications in neuroscience 2007.01321  
2019c28 Lê, Khoa Stochastic sewing in Banach space 2105.09364  
2019c29 Przybyłowicz, Paweł; Szölgyenyi, Michaela; Xu, Fanhui Existence and uniqueness of solutions of SDEs with discontinuous drift and finite activity jumps 2010.01955