Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2008a01 Altmüller, Nils; Grüne, Lars; Worthmann, Karl Performance of NMPC schemes without stabilizing terminal constraints pdf appeared in Recent Advances in Optimization and its Applications in Engineering, 2010, Part 5, 289-298
2008a02 Baier, Robert; Grüne, Lars; Hafstein, Sigurður F. Linear programming based Lyapunov function computation for differential inclusions pdf MR2843270
2008a03 Baier, Robert; Donchev, Tzanko Discrete approximation of impulsive differential inclusions pdf MR2682835
2008a04 Baier, Robert; Farkhi, Elza The directed subdifferential of DC functions pdf MR2668252
2008a05 Baier, Robert; Perria, Gilbert Set-valued Hermite interpolation pdf MR2832730
2008a06 Bartels, Sören; Müller, Rüdiger; Ortner, Christoph Robust a priori and a posteriori error analysis for the approximation of Allen-Cahn and Ginzburg-Landau equations past topological changes pdf MR2764423
2008a07 Blömker, Dirk; Romito, Marco Regularity and blow up in a surface growth model 0902.1409 MR2569507
2008a08 Brouder, Christian; Panati, Gianluca; Stoltz, Gabriel Adiabatic approximation, Gell-Mann and Low theorem and degeneracies: a pedagogical example 0807.4218  
2008a09 Brouder, Christian; Panati, Gianluca; Stoltz, Gabriel Gell-Mann and Low formula for degenerate unperturbed states 0906.1853 MR2593106
2008a10 Carstensen, Carsten; Gudi, Thirupathi; Jensen, Max A unifying theory of a posteriori error control for discontinuous Galerkin FEM pdf MR2501309
2008a11 Carstensen, Carsten; Ortner, Christoph Computation of the Lavrentiev phenomenon pdf  
2008a12 Carstensen, Carsten; Praetorius, Dirk Convergence of adaptive boundary element methods pdf MR2911088
2008a13 Carstensen, Carsten; Ortner, Christoph Analysis of a class of penalty methods for computing singular minimizers pdf MR2770287
2008a14 Carstensen, Carsten Convergence of adaptive finite element methods in computational mechanics pdf MR2532857
2008a15 Clever, Debora; Lang, Jens Optimal control of radiative heat transfer in glass cooling with restrictions on the temperature gradient pdf MR2910090
2008a16 Cohn, Henry; Elkies, Noam D.; Kumar, Abhinav; Schürmann, Achill Point configurations that are asymmetric yet balanced 0812.2579 MR2644899
2008a17 Chopin, Nicolas; Lelièvre, Tony; Stoltz, Gabriel Free energy methods for Bayesian inference: efficient exploration of univariate Gaussian mixture posteriors 1003.0428 MR2913791
2008a18 Dittel, Agnes; Fügenschuh, Armin; Göttlich, Simone; Herty, Michael MIP presolve techniques for a PDE-based supply chain model pdf MR2533100
2008a19 Ferraz-Leite, S.; Ortner, C.; Praetorius, D. Convergence of simple adaptive Galerkin schemes based on h-h/2 error estimators pdf MR2672266
2008a20 Frank, Martin; Fügenschuh, Armin; Herty, Michael; Schewe, Lars The coolest path problem pdf MR2601992
2008a21 Funken, Stefan; Praetorius, Dirk; Wissgott, Philipp Efficient implementation of adaptive P1-FEM in Matlab pdf MR2875100
2008a22 Fügenschuh, Armin; Homfeld, Henning; Huck, Andreas; Martin, Alexander; Yuan, Zhi Scheduling locomotives and car transfers in freight transport pdf appeared in Transportation Science, vol. 42, no. 4, 478-491
2008a23 Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Lakkis, Omar; Virtanen, Juha M. A posteriori error control for discontinuous Galerkin methods for parabolic problems 0804.4262 MR2784879
2008a24 Grüne, Lars; Jerg, Stefan; Junge, Oliver; Lehmann, Daniel; Lunze, Jan; Müller, Florian; Post, Marcus Two complementary approaches to event-based control pdf  
2008a25 Grüne, Lars; Müller, Florian Global optimal control of quantized systems pdf  
2008a26 Grüne, Lars; von Lossow, Marcus; Worthmann, Karl NMPC suboptimality estimates for sampled-data continuous systems pdf  
2008a27 Grüne, Lars; Pannek, Jürgen; Seehafer, Martin; Worthmann, Karl Analysis of unconstrained nonlinear MPC schemes with time varying control horizon 1006.2529 MR2735511
2008a28 Grüne, Lars; Müller, Florian Set oriented optimal control using past information pdf  
2008a29 Grüne, Lars; Müller, Florian An algorithm for event-based optimal feedback control pdf  
2008a30 Grüne, Lars; Junge, Oliver Set oriented construction of globally optimal controllers pdf  
2008a31 Stoltz, Gabriel; Lazzeri, Michele; Mauri, Francesco Thermal transport in isotopically disordered carbon nanotubes 0810.1830  
2008a32 Legoll, Frédéric; Lelièvre, Tony Effective dynamics using conditional expectations 0906.4865 MR2672640
2008a33 Lelièvre, Tony A general two-scale criteria for logarithmic Sobolev inequalities pdf MR2498763
2008a34 Lorenz, Thomas Morphological control problems with state constraints pdf MR2745783
2008a35 Muravleva, L. V.; Muravleva, E. A. Unsteady flows of a viscoplastic medium in channels pdf  
2008a36 Muravleva, L. V.; Muravleva, E. A. Uzawa method on semi-staggered grids for unsteady Bingham media flows pdf MR2604498
2008a37 Muravleva, L. V.; Muravleva, E. A. Numerical simulations of cessation flows of a Bingham plastic with the Augmented Lagrangian Method pdf  
2008a38 de Oliveira Filho, Fernando Mário; Vallentin, Frank Fourier analysis, linear programming, and densities of distance avoiding sets in Rn 0808.1822 MR2734347
2008a39 Ortner, Christoph; Praetorius, Dirk On the convergence of adaptive non-conforming finite element methods pdf MR2783229
2008a40 Ortner, Christoph Nonconforming finite-element discretization of convex variational problems pdf MR2832782
2008a41 Plecháč, Petr; Rousset, Mathias Implicit mass-matrix penalization of Hamiltonian dynamics with application to exact sampling of stiff systems 0905.4737 MR2581032
2008a42 Rieger, Janosch Shadowing and the viability kernel algorithm pdf MR2551488
2008a43 Romito, Marco; Xu, Lihu Ergodicity of the 3D stochastic Navier-Stokes equations driven by mildly degenerate noise 0906.4281 MR2770903
2008a44 Schürmann, Achill Perfect, strongly eutactic lattices are periodic extreme 0808.2013 MR2680175
2008a45 Schürmann, Achill Enumerating perfect forms 0901.1587 MR2537111
2008a46 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Felikson, Anna; Tumarkin, Pavel Automorphism groups of root system matroids 0711.4670 MR2764801
2008a47 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Schürmann, Achill; Vallentin, Frank Inhomogeneous extreme forms 1008.4751 MR3060757
2008a48 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Ellis, Graham Wythoff polytopes and low-dimensional homology of Mathieu groups 0812.4291 MR2556144
2008a49 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Rybnikov, Konstantin Perfect but not generating Delaunay polytopes 0905.4555  
2008a50 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Schürmann, Achill; Vallentin, Frank The contact polytope of the Leech lattice 0906.1427 MR2728040
2008a51 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Rybnikov, Konstantin Delaunay polytopes derived from the Leech lattice 0907.0776 MR3232768
2008a52 Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Schürmann, Achill; Vallentin, Frank Complexity and algorithms for computing Voronoi cells of lattices 0804.0036 MR2501071
2008a53 Maillet, Jean-Bernard; Stoltz, Gabriel Sampling constraints in average: the example of Hugoniot curves 0807.0558 MR2499090
2008a54 Donchev, Tzanko Singularly perturbed evolution inclusions - MR2683899
2008a55 Donchev, Tzanko Minimal time function and Hamilton-Jacobi inequalities - MR2520391
2008a56 Donchev, T.; Dontchev, A. L. Extensions of Clarke's proximal characterization for reachable mappings of differential inclusions - MR2449363
2008a57 Donchev, Tzanko; Farkhi, Elza On the theorem of Filippov-Pliś and some applications - MR2779119
2008a58 Filippova, Tatiana F.; Berezina, Elena V. On state estimation approaches for uncertain dynamical systems with quadratic nonlinearity: theory and computer simulations - MR2518439
2008a59 Filippova, Tatiana F. Trajectory tubes of nonlinear differential inclusions and state estimation problems - MR2606023
2008a60 Lelièvre, Tony; Rousset, Mathias; Stoltz, Gabriel Free energy computations - MR2681239
2008a61 Lorenz, Thomas Mutational analysis - MR2656173
2008a62 Meyer, Bertrand Extreme lattices and vexillar designs 0812.2659 MR2558868
2008a63 Bremner, David; Schewe, Lars Edge-graph diameter bounds for convex polytopes with few facets 0809.0915 MR2836249
2008a64 Bremner, David; Dutour Sikirić, Mathieu; Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.; Rehn, Thomas; Schürmann, Achill Computing symmetry groups of polyhedra 1210.0206 MR3356046