Technical Support

IT Help Desk
Phone: +49 228 73 62137 / 62129

  • Computers in guest offices
  • Presentation equipment in lecture hall and seminar room
  • Wireless network access

Computer (Mac Mini)

Workplaces, located in the Institute (Poppelsdorfer Allee 45), will be provided upon your request with a computer with your preferred operating system (Windows 10 / MacOS 10.12). Offices in the Poppelsdorfer Allee 82 are equipped with permanently installed computers. You will find the power button on the back of the unit. Directly after switching on, press the "ALT"-Key to receive a boot menu from where you can choose the operating system. All systems are pre-installed with a basic set of software (e.g. Libre Office and TeX). If necessary please switch the monitor on/off separately. On the back of your monitor or computer you are able to plug in a USB stick.

Photocopying, Printing, Scanning

Popp 45: You will find a Xerox Workcentre (copy/print/scan to email/USB stick) on the first floor (room 13). Copies are free of charge. There are monochrome laser printers with duplex support on every floor. An additional scanner (black/white, colour) is installed with the internet workplaces in the hall on the 2nd floor. A shredder is available onthe 1st floor (room 13).

Popp 82: You will find a Xerox Workcentre (copy/print/scan to email/USB stick) in the kitchen. Copies are free of charge.

For printing with own computer/device please contact IT-Support.

WLAN/WiFi Access

In your information package, you find a personalized login name and password. It works on the HIM computer to unlock it.

Access to the internet is via your personal EDUROAM account from your home institution only. HIM does not have its own wifi network, corresponding to the University of Bonn policy. In case you do not have EDUROAM, please contact our IT-Support.


You have a choice between Windows or Apple keyboards – both German and English layouts are available. Please let IT-support (phone: 0228 73-62137) know which one you would like to use.


If you want to use Skype and you need a headset, please contact Guest and Family Service to borrow one against a refundable deposit. Remember to return the headset before you depart.


The HIM lecture hall as well as the seminar room in the basement are equipped with a projector for your presentations.

IT Help Desk

Please contact IT-Support for assistance. Email: it-support(at) or phone: 0228 73-62137.

Please note: Any documents or files that you save on your home folder on the HIM file server will be deleted after your departure!

WLAN in your apartment (if available)

Most HIM apartments are equipped with a wireless network access.

Have a look for a description sheet in your apartment where you can find the network name (SSID) of the wireless access point and the password printed on.

Please note that this access uses WPA2 encryption – your laptop will have to support this method.

Alternatively, you can also use a wired connection: For this your laptop’s network connection has to be configured to use “DHCP” (this is enabled by default). Connect your laptop to one of the four free Ethernet ports on the back side of the router. (Note: Do not disconnect or connect already connected Cable to any other port).

In case of problems establishing a connection, please try to reset the router and the modem. To do this, unplug the power adapters of both units, wait 20 seconds, and plug them back in. After this, wait for another 30-60 seconds for the units to reboot.

If you still experience problems, please contact the IT-Support (phone: 0228-73-62137 or email: it-support(at)