Trimester Program Information

HIM encourages international scientists from all areas of mathematics, mathematical economics, and mathematical physics to submit proposals for trimester programs. There are three programs in an academic year, the fall program from September to December, the winter program from January to April, and the summer program from May to August. A trimester program gives organizers the opportunity to invite researchers from their field of research. In addition to hosting longer-term guests, the organizers plan a school for students and up to three workshops. The HIM can host about 30 people at a time. The idea is to bring together people from different career stages, 10 senior scientists, 10 postdocs, and 10 PhD students. In addition to invited experts, other researchers can apply for participation. HIM provides fellowships and arrangements, commensurate with the academic status and the duration of stay.

The HIM policies imply in-person-attendance.

For further details concerning the organization of a trimester program, please contact



Call for Proposals

A proposal for a Trimester Program should be written in a way that gives the members of the Scientific Advisory Board a clear picture of the topics and the goals of the program. There are no formal requirements. But we recommend a proposal to contain the following key items:

  • title page with title, organizers including their current academic status and their affiliation, and proposed slots (first and second choice)
  • brief description of the overall aims of the trimester program
  • core topics of the Trimester Program, important developments and goals
  • planned activities (workshops, roughly one per month, one School) and a list of possible additional organizers beyond TP organizers for these activities
  • a list of and commitments by possible long-term participants (with a stay of at least 15 consecutive days); please attach emails from these colleagues where they express interest in participating  and short-term guests
  • bibliography


The deadline for next submitting a proposal will the end of September 2023. The decision of the Scientific Advisory Board will be made at the end of January 2024. The Scientific Advisory Board decides about three programs taking place in the period between September 2025 and August 2026. Proposals can be sent in at any time until September 30. They should be sent (preferably by e-mail) to: Prof. Dr. Christoph Thiele 
Director of HIM 
Poppelsdorfer Allee 45
53115 Bonn, Germany