Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2016a01 Bongini, Mattia; Fornasier, Massimo; Hansen, Markus; Maggioni, Mauro Inferring interaction rules from observations of evolutive systems I: the variational approach 1602.00342 MR3636616
2016a02 Aldroubi, A.; Cabrelli, C.; Çakmak, A. F.; Molter, U.; Petrosyan, A. Iterative actions of normal operators 1602.04527 MR3579135
2016a03 Karabash, Illya M.; Prestin, Jürgen Recovery of periodicities hidden in heavy-tailed noise 1512.08732 MR3756855
2016a04 Rauhut, Holger; Schneider, Reinhold; Stojanac, Željka Low rank tensor recovery via iterative hard thresholding 1602.05217 MR3624675
2016a05 Boche, Holger; Tampubolon, Ezra Mathematics of signal design for communication systems   MR3497595
2016a06 Boche, Holger; Mönich, Ullrich J. Banach-Steinhaus theory revisited: lineability and spaceability   MR3578829
2016a07 Boche, Holger; Mönich, Ullrich J. Spaceability for sets of bandlimited input functions and stable linear time-invariant systems with divergence behavior pdf  
2016a08 Aceska, Roza; Bouchot, Jean-Luc; Li, Shidong Local sparsity and recovery of fusion frames structured signals 1604.00424  
2016a09 Bouchot, Jean-Luc; Hamm, Keaton Stability and robustness of RBF interpolation 1603.05168 MR3712802
2016a10 Alberti, Giovanni S.; Dahlke, Stephan; De Mari, Filippo; De Vito, Ernesto; Führ, Hartmut Recent progress in shearlet theory: systematic construction of shearlet dilation groups, characterization of wavefront sets, and new embeddings 1605.02873 MR3700118
2016a11 Küng, Richard; Jung, Peter Robust nonnegative sparse recovery and the nullspace property of 0/1 measurements 1603.07997 MR3762586
2016a12 Alberti, Giovanni S.; Ammari, Habib; Jin, Bangti; Seo, Jin-Keun; Zhang, Wenlong The linearized inverse problem in multifrequency electrical impedance tomography 1602.04312 MR3553924
2016a13 Täufer, Matthias; Veselić, Ivan Wegner estimate for Landau-breather Hamiltonians 1607.00187 MR3518991
2016a14 Franklin, David J.; Hogan, Jeffrey A.; Larkin, Kieran G. Hardy, Paley-Wiener and Bernstein spaces in Clifford analysis   MR3662507
2016a15 Bouchot, Jean-Luc; Rauhut, Holger; Schwab, Christoph Multi-level compressed sensing Petrov-Galerkin discretization of high-dimensional parametric PDEs 1701.01671  
2016a16 Iwen, Mark A.; Preskitt, Brian; Saab, Rayan; Viswanathan, Aditya Phase retrieval from local measurements: improved robustness via eigenvector-based angular synchronization 1612.01182 MR4016998
2016a17 Temlyakov, Vladimir; Tikhonov, Sergey Remez-type inequalities for the hyperbolic cross polynomials 1606.03773  
2016a18 Küng, Richard; Zhu, Huangjun; Gross, David Low rank matrix recovery from Clifford orbits 1610.08070  
2016a19 Küng, Richard; Zhu, Huangjun; Gross, David Distinguishing quantum states using Clifford orbits 1609.08595  
2016a20 Zhu, Huangjun; Küng, Richard; Grassl, Markus; Gross, David The Clifford group fails gracefully to be a unitary 4-design 1609.08172  
2016a21 Kliesch, Martin; Küng, Richard; Eisert, Jens; Gross, David Improving compressed sensing with the diamond norm 1511.01513 MR3599093
2016a22 Jüstel, Dominik The Zak transform on strongly proper G-spaces and its applications 1605.05168 MR3764067
2016a23 Egidi, Michela; Veselic, Ivan Scale-free unique continuation estimates and Logvinenko-Sereda theorems on the torus 1609.07020  
2016a24 Lederman, Roy R.; Singer, Amit A representation theory perspective on simultaneous alignment and classification 1607.03464  
2016a25 Charina, Maria; Donatelli, Marco; Romani, Lucia; Turati, Valentina Multigrid methods: grid transfer operators and subdivision schemes 1608.03524 MR3611463
2016a26 Xian, Yin; Pu, Yunchen; Gan, Zhe; Lu, Liang; Thompson, Andrew Adaptive DCTNet for audio signal classification 1612.04028 accepted by ICASSP
2016a27 Aletti, Giacomo; Moroni, Monica; Naldi, Giovanni A new nonlocal nonlinear diffusion equation for image denoising and data analysis 1707.06396  
2016a28 Ghaani Farashahi, Arash Square-integrability of multivariate metaplectic wave-packet representations   MR3622579
2016a29 Ghaani Farashahi, Arash Square-integrability of metaplectic wave-packet representations on L2(R)   MR3595232
2016a30 Pfander, Götz E.; Salanevich, Palina Robust phase retrieval algorithm for time-frequency structured measurements 1611.02540 MR3939330
2016a31 Feng, Joe-Mei; Krahmer, Felix; Saab, Rayan Quantized compressed sensing for partial random circulant matrices 1702.04711  
2016a32 Rauhut, Holger; Stojanac, Željka Tensor theta norms and low rank recovery 1505.05175  
2016a33 Walk, Philipp; Jung, Peter; Pfander, Götz E.; Hassibi, Babak Blind deconvolution with additional autocorrelations via convex programs 1701.04890  
2016a34 Feichtinger, Hans Georg; Voigtlaender, Felix From Frazier-Jawerth characterizations of Besov spaces to wavelets and decomposition spaces 1606.04924 MR3682610
2016a35 Kümmerle, Christian; Sigl, Juliane Harmonic mean iteratively reweighted least squares for low-rank matrix recovery 1703.05038 MR3874155
2016a36 Sandbichler, Michael; Schnass, Karin Sequential learning of analysis operators 1704.00227  
2016a37 Krahmer, Felix; Kruschel, Christian; Sandbichler, Michael Total variation minimization in compressed sensing 1704.02105 MR3751743
2016a38 Jung, Peter; Krahmer, Felix; Stöger, Dominik Blind demixing and deconvolution at near-optimal rate 1704.04178 MR3762587
2016a39 King, Emily J.; Murphy, James M. A theoretical guarantee for data completion via geometric separation 1705.10745  
2016a40 Gröchenig, Karlheinz; Rottensteiner, David Orthonormal bases in the orbit of square-integrable representations of nilpotent Lie groups 1706.06034 MR3864505
2016a41 Mendelson, Shahar; Rauhut, Holger; Ward, Rachel Improved bounds for sparse recovery from subsampled random convolutions 1610.04983 MR3861818