Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2017b01 Rimányi, R.; Tarasov, V.; Varchenko, A. Elliptic and K-theoretic stable envelopes and Newton polytopes 1705.09344 MR3911740
2017b02 Dotto, Emanuele; Malkiewich, Cary; Patchkoria, Irakli; Sagave, Steffen; Woo, Calvin Comparing cyclotomic structures on different models for topological Hochschild homology 1707.07862 MR3977874
2017b03 Schechtman, Vadim; Varchenko, Alexander Rational differential forms on line and singular vectors in Verma modules over sl^2 1511.09014 MR3734663
2017b04 Schechtman, Vadim; Varchenko, Alexander Solutions of KZ differential equations modulo p 1707.02615 MR3928838
2017b05 Tabuada, Gonçalo Bass and Schur finiteness conjectures for quadric fibrations 1708.05382  
2017b06 Rosenberg, Jonathan A new approach to twisted K-theory of compact Lie groups 1708.05541  
2017b07 Varchenko, Alexander Remarks on the Gaudin model modulo p 1708.06264 MR3899555
2017b08 Tabuada, Gonçalo HPD-invariance of the Tate conjecture 1707.06639  
2017b09 Tabuada, Gonçalo Noncommutative motives in positive characteristic and their applications 1707.04248 MR3942181
2017b10 Iwasa, Ryomei Some results on relative K0, and relative cycle class map with modulus 1706.08935  
2017b11 Haesemeyer, Christian; Weibel, Charles A. K-theory of line bundles and smooth varieties 1707.01192 MR3834645
2017b12 Kaufmann, Ralph M.; Li, Dan; Wehefritz-Kaufmann, Birgit The Stiefel-Whitney theory of topological insulators 1604.02792  
2017b13 Kaufmann, Ralph M.; Li, Dan; Wehefritz-Kaufmann, Birgit Noncommutative topological Z2 invariant 1605.09470  
2017b14 Fu, Lie; Tian, Zhiyu Motivic multiplicative McKay correspondence for smooth projective surfaces 1709.01714  
2017b15 Park, Byungdo; Redden, Corbett A classification of equivariant gerbe connections 1709.06003 MR3918041
2017b16 Sechin, Pavel On the Structure of Algebraic Cobordism 1712.03871 MR3818079
2017b17 Ohara, M. On graded E-infinity-rings and projective schemes in spectral algebraic geometry 1803.09389  
2017b18 Park, Byungdo; Parzygnat, Arthur J.; Redden, Corbett; Stoffel, Augusto Noncommutative Differential K-theory 2106.12073 MR4363660