Interactions between Geometric measure theory, Singular integrals, and PDE

Trimester Program

January 10 – April 22, 2022

Organizers: Marianna Csörnyei, Tuomas Orponen, Xavier Tolsa, Tatiana Toro, Alexander Volberg


The last years have seen significant progress in questions lying at the intersection of Geometric Measure Theory, Singular Integrals, and PDEs. The main purpose of this research trimester is to bring together mathematicians who have recently worked on these areas, and to foster research activity in this field. The program is divided into two thematic halves:

  • Focus on harmonic analysis (e.g. singular integrals, PDE, harmonic measure)
  • Focus on geometric measure theory (e.g. PDE constrained measures, Kakeya problems, Favard length)

During both halves, one workshop and a winter school consisting of 2-4 minicourses will be organized.


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