Mathematics for Complex Materials

Trimester Program

January 3 - April 14, 2023

Organizers: Xavier Lamy, Luc Nguyen, Angkana Rüland, Arghir Zarnescu

The world of materials is undergoing a revolution as the number of materials, their sophistication and applications are witnessing an unprecedented boom. A particularly important class of materials which are driving this process and which pose key mathematical challenges are the so-called “complex materials”. These materials have extraordinary features and capabilities that have been intensively exploited technologically including many of the most impressive technological applications of our modern living.

The program aims to contribute to the long-term development of the mathematical tools relevant to the study of complex materials, starting from existing known mathematical models. A key objective will be to identify the physically relevant analytical challenges and problems that are common to a large class of complex materials and provide basic steps for addressing them.

The trimester program will include two workshops and one Spring school between them with the following preliminary titles and dates:

  • Workshop: Current challenges in complex materials: modelling and analysis (January 9-13, 2023)
  • "SPP meets TP" Workshop: Variational methods for complex phenomena in solids (February 21-24, 2023)
  • School: Recent trends in the mathematics of complex materials (March 20-24, 2023) separate application process
  • Workshop: Topological and geometrical aspects in complex materials (March 27-31, 2023)


The applications for the trimester program and the spring school have been closed.