Summer School on Combinatorial Optimization

Dates: September 21-25, 2015
Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45
Organizers: András Frank, Satoru Iwata, Jochen Könemann, Jens Vygen

This school provided an introduction to some of the main topics of the trimester program; the lectures were mainly directed at graduate students and junior researchers.

The following speakers gave a sequence of lectures, which was complemented by problem and discussion sessions.

  • Eden Chlamtac (Ben Gurion University): Lift-and-Project Methods and Integrality Gaps
  • James Lee (University of Washington): Semi-Definite Extended Formulations and Sums of Squares
  • Kazuo Murota (University of Tokyo): Discrete Convex Analysis
  • Heiko Röglin (University of Bonn): Smoothed Analysis of Algorithms
  • Zoltán Szigeti (INP Grenoble): Connectivity Problems


Participants of the Summer School (click to enlarge)