Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2011d01 Bahri, Anthony; Franz, Matthias; Notbohm, Dietrich; Ray, Nigel The classification of weighted projective spaces 1108.1938 MR3040671
2011d02 Bahri, Anthony; Franz, Matthias; Ray, Nigel Weighted projective spaces and iterated Thom spaces 1109.2359 MR3192533
2011d03 Allday, Christopher; Franz, Matthias; Puppe, Volker Equivariant cohomology, syzygies and orbit structure 1111.0957 MR3267019
2011d04 Anderson, Dave; Payne, Sam Operational K-theory 1301.0425 MR3398716
2011d05 Harada, Megumi; Holm, Tara S.; Ray, Nigel; Williams, Gareth The equivariant K-theory and cobordism rings of divisive weighted projective spaces 1306.1641 MR3605445