Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2017d01 Ehrig, Michael; Tubbenhauer, Daniel Relative cellular algebras 1710.02851  
2017d02 d'Andecy, Loïc Poulain; Thiel, Anne-Laure; Wagner, Emmanuel Inductive basis on Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras and (transverse) Markov traces 1711.08670  
2017d03 Gobet, Thomas; Thiel, Anne-Laure On generalized categories of Soergel bimodules in type A2 1711.08814 MR3767593
2017d04 Crooks, Peter; van Pruijssen, Maarten An application of spherical geometry to hyperkähler slices 1902.05403 to appear in Canadian Journal of Mathematics
2017d05 Mackaay, Marco; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr; Miemietz, Vanessa; Zhang, Xiaoting Analogues of centralizer subalgebras for fiat 2-categories and their 2-representations 1802.02078  
2017d06 Barraud, Jean-François; Gadbled, Agnès; Lê, Hông Vân; Golovko, Roman A Novikov fundamental group 1710.10353 to appear in Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN
2017d07 Ehrig, Michael; Tubbenhauer, Daniel Algebraic properties of zigzag algebras 1807.11173  
2017d08 Gobet, Thomas; Thiel, Anne-Laure A Soergel-like category for complex reflection groups of rank one 1812.02284  
2017d09 Gorsky, Eugene; Wedrich, Paul Evaluations of annular Khovanov--Rozansky homology 1904.04481  
2017d10 Kamnitzer, Joel; Tingley, Peter; Webster, Ben; Weekes, Alex; Yacobi, Oded On category O for affine Grassmannian slices and categorified tensor products 1806.07519 MR3968721
2017d11 Mackaay, Marco; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr; Miemietz, Vanessa; Tubbenhauer, Daniel Trihedral Soergel bimodules 1804.08920 to appear in Fund. Math
2017d12 McNamara, Peter J. Monoidality of Kato's Reflection Functors 1712.00173  
2017d13 McNamara, Peter J. Non-perverse parity sheaves on the flag variety 1812.00178  
2017d14 Queffelec, Hoel; Wedrich, Paul Extremal weight projectors II 1803.09883  
2017d15 Queffelec, Hoel; Wedrich, Paul Khovanov homology and categorification of skein modules 1806.03416  
2017d16 Robert,Louis-Hadrien; Wagner, Emmanuel A quantum categorification of the Alexander polynomial 1902.05648  
2017d17 Robert,Louis-Hadrien; Wagner, Emmanuel Symmetric Khovanov--Rozansky link homologies 1801.02244  
2017d18 Saunders, Neil; Wilbert, Arik Exotic Springer fibers for orbits corresponding to one-row bipartitions 1810.03731  
2017d19 Stosic, Marko; Wedrich, Paul Rational links and DT invariants of quivers 1711.03333 Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, rny289, 2019
2017d20 Bowman, Chris; Norton, Emily; Simental, José Characteristic-free bases and BGG resolutions of unitary simple modules for quiver Hecke and Cherednik algebras 1803.08736  
2017d21 Bellamy, Gwyn; Schedler, Travis Symplectic resolutions of quiver varieties 1602.00164  
2017d22 Bellamy, Gwyn; Schedler, Travis On symplectic resolutions and factoriality of Hamiltonian reductions 1809.04301 MR4000238
2017d23 Bonthonneau, Yannick Guedes; Weich, Tobias Ruelle-Pollicott Resonances for Manifolds with Hyperbolic Cusps 1712.07832  
2017d24 Gunningham, Sam A Derived Decomposition for Equivariant D-modules 1705.04297  
2017d25 Gunningham, Sam Generalized Springer Theory for D-modules on a Reductive Lie Algebra 1510.02452 MR3874694
2017d26 Harris, Benjamin; Weich, Tobias Wave Front Sets of Reductive Lie Group Representations III 1503.08431 MR3649225
2017d27 Kaplan, Daniel Frobenius Degenerations of Preprojective Algebras 1803.09267 to appear in Journal of Noncommutative Geometry
2017d28 Kaplan, Daniel; Schedler; Travis The 2-Calabi-Yau property for multiplicative preprojective algebras 1905.12025  
2017d29 Mirkovic, Ivan; Yang, Yaping; Zhao, Gufang Loop Grassmannians of quivers and affine quantum groups 1810.10095  
2017d30 Negron, Cris; Schedler, Travis; Belmans, Pieter; Etingof, Pavel The Hochschild cohomology ring of a global quotient orbifold 1809.08715  
2017d31 Schedler, Travis; Tirelli, Andrea Symplectic resolutions for multiplicative quiver varieties and character varieties for punctured surfaces 1812.07687  
2017d32 Su, Changjian; Zhao, Gufang; Zhong, Changlong Wall-crossings and a categorification of K-theory stable bases of the Springer resolution 1904.03769  
2017d33 Cho, Cheol-hyun; Lee, Sangwook; Shin, Hyung-Seok Pairings in mirror symmetry between a symplectic manifold and a Landau-Ginzburg B-model 1810.11172  
2017d34 Jasso, Gustavo; Külshammer, Julian Higher Nakayama algebras I: Construction 1604.03500 MR3959141
2017d35 Mak, Cheuk Yu; Ruddat, Helge Tropically constructed Lagrangians in mirror quintic threefolds 1904.11780  
2017d36 Jasso, Gustavo; Külshammer, Julian; Bocca, G. Higher Nakayama algebras II: Periodic algebras which are almost Koszul and Calabi–Yau algebras in preparation  
2017d37 Jasso, Gustavo; Külshammer, Julian Higher Nakayama algebras III: Spherical objects in higher Auslander–Reiten theory and triangulations of the cyclic apeirotope in prepraration  
2017d38 Diogo, Luís; Lisi, Samuel T. Symplectic Homology of complements of smooth divisors 1804.08014  
2017d39 Diogo, Luís; Lisi, Samuel T Morse-Bott Split Symplectic Homology 1804.08013 MR3981446
2017d40 Negron, Cris Log-modular quantum groups at even roots of unity and the quantum Frobenius I 1812.02277  
2017d41 Maksimau, Ruslan; Stroppel, Catharina Higher level affine Schur and Hecke algebras 1805.02425  
2017d42 Balagovic, Martina; Daugherty, Zajj; Entova-Aizenbud, Inna; Halacheva, Iva; Hennig, Johanna; Im, Mee Seong; Letzter, Gail; Norton, Emily; Serganova, Vera; Stroppel, Catharina The affine VW supercategory 1801.04178 to be published in Selecta Mathematica