Synergies between modern probability, geometric analysis and stochastic geometry

Dual Trimester Program

January 8 - April 19, 2024

Organizers: Ronen Eldan, Assaf Naor, Kavita Ramanan, Matthias Reitzner, Christoph Thäle, Elisabeth M. Werner

The connection between probability and geometry is an emerging research area. It includes log-Brunn Minkowski inequality, large deviations and asymptotic geometric analysis, concentration phenomena and random spatial systems. It has numerous applications, ranging from material science and theoretical computer science to high dimensional statistics.

In the last decade these connections turned out to be extremely fruitful. Ideas and techniques from geometry strongly influenced probability theory and vice versa, leading to several breakthrough results.

The program aims to stimulate substantial progress at the crossroads of these disciplines by bringing together researchers from asymptotic geometric analysis, stochastics and stochastic geometry, and high dimensional convex geometry.


The trimester program will include an introductory spring school

  • "Interaction between probability and geometry" (January 22-26)

two workshops

  • "Asymptotics of (random) convex sets: fluctuations and large deviations" (February 19-23)
  • "High dimensional phenomena: geometric and probabilistic aspects" (March 11-15)

and three thematic weeks

  • Interaction between convexity and discrete structures (February 5-9)
  • Asymptotic properties of random sets (February 26 - March 1)
  • Large deviations in asymptotic functional analysis (March 18-22)

The dates for the thematic weeks are preliminary and will be confirmed later.

The application for the trimester program has been closed.