Derived Workshop

Dates: November 06 - 10, 2023
Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45, Bonn

Organizers: Martin Kalck (Graz), Laura Pertusi (Milano), Shizhuo Zhang (Bonn)


  • Anna Barbieri
  • Arend Bayer
  • Marcello Bernardara
  • Lev Borisov
  • Igor Burban
  • Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
  • Daniele Faenzi
  • James Hotchkiss
  • Chen Jiang
  • Johannes Krah
  • Zhiyu Liu
  • Angela Ortega
  • Nebojsa Pavic
  • David Rydh
  • Evgeny Shinder
  • Paolo Stellari
  • Jenia Tevelev
  • Giancarlo Urzua
  • Filippo Viviani
  • Michael Wemyss


The study of derived categories has a central role in algebraic geometry. A celebrated theorem by Bondal and Orlov states that smooth projective varieties with ample (anti)canonical bundle and equivalent bounded derived categories are isomorphic. This statement is not true in general, but weaker formulations involving the notion of semiorthogonal decomposition have been proved in many interesting geometric contexts. Furthermore, moduli spaces of stable objects in the derived category provide a way to construct new smooth projective varieties and to study their birational geometry by wall-crossing. In the framework of resolutions of singularities, derived categories can be used to characterize the singularity of a variety. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts working in these fields to discuss the recent developments in the theory and exchange new ideas.




Monday, November 6

Arend Bayer - Non-commutative abelian surfaces and generalised Kummer varieties

Angela Ortega - Generic Prym-Torelli Theorem for cyclic coverings of genus 2 curves

Micheal Wemyss - Derived Deformations of Crepant Curves

Tuesday, November 7

Paolo Stellari - Morita theory for schemes: the interplay between dg and weakly approximable triangulated categories

Filipo Viviani - On the classification of compactified Jacobians of nodal curves

Zhiyu Liu: Brill-Noether reconstruction for Fano threefolds and applications

Marcello Bernardara - Semiorthogonal decompositions as markings and autoequivalences

Thursday, November 9

Daniele Faenzi - Moduli of bundles in low genus, Coble hypersurfaces and degeneracy loci

Chen Jiang - Positivity in hyperkähler manifolds via Rozansky–Witten theory

Giancarlo Urzúa - Categorical aspects of the KSB correspondence I

James Hotchkiss - Brauer groups, twisted derived categories, and Hodge theory

Lev Borisov: On categorification of GKZ hypergeometric systems (work in progress)

Friday, November 10

David Rydh: Weighted blowups, wall-crossing and weak factorization

Trimester Program guests, who were invited and have confirmed to be at HIM during the period of this workshop, are eligible to attend this event.