Workshop: Monoidal and 2-categories in representation theory and categorification


The theory of monoidal categories or 2-categories may be thought of as a categorification of the theory of rings. These (2-)categories are ubiquitous in representation theory and categorification, and also play an important role in many other areas of mathematics. The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers as well as students interested in the study of monoidal categories or 2-categories, either abstractly or via their appearance in representation theory, categorification or low-dimensional topology.


The conference will take place 30 November 2020 - 04 December 2020. The schedule will consist of three talks a day spread across the afternoons (Europe) / mornings (Americas).


Talks are given online and zoom links will be sent to the registered participants in due time. Recordings of the talks will be posted online.

Each talk will be 25+5(break)+25 minutes plus time for questions.


If you are interested in attending the conference, please register online here.