History of HIM

The Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics (HIM) was founded in 2006. Models were mathematical research institutes which impact on the evolution of mathematics by organizing long-term thematic programs: e.g. the MSRI in Berkeley and the IMA in Minneapolis.

Speech to the official opening of HIM (in german)

Under its first scientific director, Matthias Kreck, HIM began hosting high-level Trimester Programs in 2007. These programs have already covered a broad range of topics (see Past Hausdorff Trimester Programs) and hosted scientists from all over the world. The organizers and guests have included both Fields Medalists and Nobel Prize winners.

In 2008, in addition to its regular Trimester Programs, HIM began organizing Junior Trimester Programs which are specifically designed for young researchers (see Past Junior Trimester Programs). This format is unique worldwide in mathematics.

A regular public event at HIM since 2008 is the "Mathematischer Salon", which is held jointly with the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung two or three times per year (see Mathematischer Salon). Here the Bonn public is invited to evenings with an essay related to mathematics, music (performed primarily by mathematicians), and subsequent informal discussions with mathematicians.

In 2011, another new program "Research in Groups" was started: the program gives small groups the opportunity to carry out cooperative research independent of the Trimester Programs (see Past Research in Groups). The program ended in 2016.

In October 2011, Wolfgang Lück became the new director of HIM. Under his direction, the international visibility of the Institute and the sustainability of the research programs have been increased.

In 2011, HIM began offering special activities which are targeted at general topics of common interest (e.g. mathematics education in schools and universities).

In 2015, follow-up workshops were introduced. Some months after a research program, the participants meet once again in order to discuss the developments which have happened in the meantime.

Since October 2017, Christoph Thiele is the new Director of HIM.

Directors of HIM


Prof. Dr. Matthias Kreck

January 2007 - September 2011


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück

October 2011 - September 2017


Prof. Dr. Christoph Thiele

October 2017 -