Introduction to Surgery Theory

  • Selected topics in Topology, V5D1
  • Master course
  • Lecturer: Wolfgang Lück
  • Winter term 20/21
  • time : Tuesdays 10:15 - 12:00
  • WS 20/21 : October 27th, 2020 - February 2th, 2021 except for December 29th, 2020 and January 5th, 2021
  • SS 2021 : Apil 20th, 2021 - July 13th, 2021 except for May 25th, 2021
  • place: online via ZOOM

Information about the concept of the course:

We are planning a kind of hybrid between a classical course and a reading course. Here you can find more information about this new concept. The idea is not to cover all details but to teach the participants how to read and absorb a manuscript without going through all details.


Mathematicians from outside of Bonn are welcome and encouraged to participate.


The course will follow the draft of the book Surgery Theory: Foundations by Diarmuid Crowley, Tibor Macko and Wolfgang Lück. Our hope is to cover the first 11 chapters which are very close to their final form, but of course not in detail. The manuscript contains exercises with solutions.



We are planning an additional informal tutorial via ZOOM, where the participants can ask questions or require more information or explanations. It is planned for Thursdays starting at 16:00. The first one will be on October 29th, 2020. This event will not appear in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis (university calendar) and is completely voluntary. (There will be no Exercises.)

Information about access to the lecture and the tutorial via ZOOM can be found here


There will also be a blog, where the participants can post questions and answers or make suggestions or requests to the lecturer. We will use the Q&A platform PIAZZA. Information about it and how one can access it can be found here


The final examinations in the summer term 2021 will take the form of an oral exam probably conducted via ZOOM for students in Bonn in the time period July 19th - 22th. The second batch of exams will be scheduled in the time period August 30th - September 3th

Recording of the lectures

We will post video recordings from each lecture, but not from the informal tutorial. The current recordings can be found here: