CANCELLED: Follow-up Workshop to JTP "Topology"

Due to the recent developments around the spreading of the Corona virus, The Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, in coordination with the organizers, cancelled this workshop.


Date: cancelled
Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45, Bonn
Organizers: Emanuele Dotto (Bonn), Daniel Kasprowski (Bonn), Wolfgang Lück (Bonn), Irakli Patchkoria (Aberdeen)

This meeting is a follow-up workshop to the Junior Trimester Program "Topology".

The workshop is co-financed by the ERC Advanced Grant “KL2MG-interactions” (no.662400) of Wolfgang Lück, granted by the European Research Council.



During the Junior Trimester Program Topology which took place at the HIM in the fall 2016, there was a lot of interaction between several groups. We want to organize a workshop, where in particular the topics equivariant homotopy theory, K-theory and topological Hochschild and cyclic homology will be covered. A lot of new activities and collaborations were initiated during that JTP and the time is ripe to bring the people together and to discuss the progress and future developments.